Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can someone PLEASE

Make the hockey go away!!!!! Honestly! Also, can someone explain to me how playoffs include EVERYONE?!?!?! Were the rest of the games just practice games!??!?! That makes NO sense!!! In other sports only the top teams are taken to play offs....not the WHOLE league!!!! If I survive this "playoff" season...I'll be lucky!!! In fact, I think we even watched hockey while I was in labour with DJ....IN JUNE!!!!!! Put me in touch with Lord Stanley and we'll get this turned around! :)

This morning went smoothly! Which was a good thing as we had a play date with our hair dresser and her two kids! The girls are one day apart in age...with Aliya being the older one. And while Travis is 8 he still has fun playing with DJ! I don't know who had more fun...them or me!! Just chatting with Anneke was wonderful! In fact, before we knew it, 2 hours had passed!! So we headed home just before 1 to have lunch and get Sam down for her nap!

While she was napping, I did some Avon stuff and then DJ and I headed outside to plant my pansies! The ones I bought 10 days ago...they weren't liking the garage much...and I'm praying the cold chill is over! I was out there for an hour! While we were out Kristopher (and his family) came's Kristopher's 4th birthday today!! DJ couldn't have been more excited...not about the birthday, but about Kristopher being home and playing outside! I got Sam up about 20 after 4 and brought her out with me as I wasn't quite done....she was THRILLED with this decision!!

Howie came home from work and immediately came in to watch hockey...she didn't want to come in. I had a nice chat with Lara and she played with the boys....and checked out their tree swing...I saw the time (5) and needed to get her inside so I could make dinner. DJ stole her swing and she came crying to me...fell down a couple times and was the dirtiest I've EVER seen her! I picked her up and walked, she did NOT like my decision! Miserable she was!

I got dinner going and the dishwasher loaded....DJ came in about 5:30 and then went back out 10 minutes later as he saw Kristopher still out there....he came back on his own just before dinner was on the table.

The kids both got bathed tonite and headed to bed exhausted!!!! Once I got Sam to finally lay down, I went to check on DJ who was soundly asleep! Sam didn't talk to herself like normal and was asleep quickly! Perfect!!!!

Howie was watching hockey so I putzed on the computer before AI came on.....Can I just say how disappointed I am that Katie went home tonite instead of Tim!!!! Seriously!??!?! She has way more talent in her pinky than Tim could ever hope for!!!!!! Unreal! I thought it would have been ironic if Michael got voted off the very next week after being saved by the judges...maybe it was just

Now, I'm done watching tv...Ugly Betty had me in tears with their final episode!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. I SO agree with you. Katie has a lot of talent, and didnt deserve to go home. Even Karl said so and he hates them all. LOL. But at least Andrew went. Nice guy, great story, but not talented like the others. I posted by mistake on Karls page about how especially hard it was for me to keep quiet about the results, just for you. :o)


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