Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday!!!

My kids have a tendency to repeat what they're saying until someone acknowledges them!! So I thought I would too!!!

Today's Fun Fact is brought to you by the NHL!! While I've been grumbling about these playoffs....It dawned on me why I dislike them so much this year as I've never had a problem with them before....Actually, a couple of reasons!

#1 is that I much prefer watching hockey the thick of it all...with all the screaming fans...this on tv stuff is just annoying with the announcers calling every single play and person! Tedious and non-stop! Golf doesn't annoy me this way...hahaha

#2 the fact that there are SERIES of games instead of just for the beginning of the play offs, they play best of 5 games!! Why not cut that down to 3!?!?!?! And then make the championship ones at 5 instead of 7!!!! This would dramatically cut down how much I want to hurt my hubby!!!! (kidding hon!) I know, they'd lose money...but come on!!!!

Sidenote...I can't watch baseball (MLB kind) in person unless we're behind home plate or at least near 1st or 3rd base....sitting way high up in the nosebleed section and I can't watch...its too far away and then there's a pop fly I simply can not follow it and figure out where its going!!! Just odd!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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