Friday, April 16, 2010

I think I seriously pissed off

A LOT of worms today! HAHAHA They didn't know what hit 'em!!!! Apparently, neither does my body! I did have an odd thought tho..."Did the worms think an earthquake hit?" I was moving their homes around like I was a real estate mogul!!!! (I'm killin myself here!!!)

Seriously tho....I was outside today for 2 and a half hours digging in the dirt...ridding it of weeds and removing rocks! Man, we've got a TONNE of rocks just in the front yard!!! Some of them are just driveway size and others are under-the-stairs size, and even still, some are retaining wall size...and those buggers are HEAVY!!!! I definitely got a work out in today just doing that! And hopefully beautifying our property! Howie's right...its SO good to do these things when its YOURS your working on!! :D

This morning the kids were doing fact, we didn't even have the tv on upstairs....they had it on downstairs and kept travelling! Until I heard something break....something that sounded like glass (Sorry honey, if you're reading this now as I haven't told you, not sure why not either...) So I go down there to find out what they're doing and find SamSam climbing down off the desk...and 3 shot glasses in pieces on the floor. I lift her off the chair and send her upstairs....and then send DJ after moving him just so around the glass. Thankfully its carpet down there and they didn't shatter everywhere...but there IS concrete under that carpet! So, I clean it up and toss it in the recycle bin. Then I see they've been playing in one of my "memory" totes...stuff from age 8 up! So I go thru it and took a MASSIVE walk down Memory Lane!! All the while wishing I had a scanner to put some of these ridiculously hilarious photos up on FB!!!! Seriously, I have proof that I really was an 80's girl!!! Hair and all!!!!! hee hee hee

Once Sam went down for her nap, I tried working on the computer to do Avon stuff and it kept annoying me by I gave up!! And that's when DJ and I headed outside. Him wanting to help and me wanting to work! Not too long after we started Kristopher came running over!! DJ was thrilled, needless to say! Then I had both of them helping...which Kristopher's idea of helping is staying clean...and keeping his shovel clean! Perfect! hahaha

Well, until I moved over to the side of the house to go rock hunting...then he got downright dirty! Sorry Lara! As it worked out, I had Kristopher, and DJ was over playing in K's yard...and Sam was right in there too! She kept going back and forth between us...she also found the scissors in my garden kit...which I removed 2x from her! Sneaky little girl! Hence her name being Grabby Gabby....and sometimes she's Crabby Grabby Gabby! No lying! DJ's nickname is Freddy Fast Fingers!!!

After dinner I grabbed a bath/ IS time to start shavin the hairy monsters again since I'm wearing capris and all! Thank you Dad for my European genes that allow very little hair growth!!! Or is it Mom's MUTT genes?? Either way, thank you!! I know girls who have to shave every day...every 2 weeks is plenty enough!!!!! Jealous ladies??? hahaha

Once the kids were in bed, Howie, still watching hockey since the moment he got home, said I could have the remote! So I changed it to Flash Forward just to change it and then got started on making banana bread for the pot luck tomorrow for the Mommy & Me group. Not too long after, it got switched back to hockey! *eye roll*

After Howie was in bed I switched it to watch Grey's....rerun!!!!! Ugh!!! Which also meant that Private Practice was too! Double UGH! So I watched Survivor (STUPID move J.T.!!!!!!!!!) and then found the Accidentally On Purpose I missed the other nite and watched that laughing my butt off!! I love Jenna Elfman! Then I found some other stuff that's in On Demand!! Neato!!

Now, the sandwiches are made, the breads been cut, and Howie's lunch and coffee are done...I'm hittin the hay!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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