Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where do I begin??

First of all.....Miss Samantha slept the whole night...once I got the dog out of there, shut off the night light, left the door open a bit....y'know. I did the get door closed before I went to bed, and neither of us heard a peep! And she woke up normal time...'round 8:30! Perfect!!!!

After breakfast we headed out to do the shopping....ugh! Now that I'm not literally 5 mins from Costco, its such a chore! No matter how few things I have on the list, (today's list said it would be 65.00) I still end up over spending! (how's 119!?!?!?!) and getting things that sound really good, or something we haven't had in a while! Or, the prices go up!!! The price of butter is RIDICULOUS!!!! Don't even get me started!

I think all 3 of us were looking forward to Freddy's tho!!! And I think all 3 of us were excited for the same reason.......PLAYLAND!!!! lol Once I got them settled I took off with my cart! First stop...the garden section!! I picked out 15 packets of seeds for the garden and 3 bags of fertilizer...I fear I may need more....but some of my stuff doesn't need/get planted for a few more I'm good to get started this weekend! I'm SO excited!!

Since were so late getting out of Freddy's I decided to stop at McD's for the kids so that Sam could have her nap right as soon as we got I'm pulling out of the drive-thru I see Kristopher pressing his head up against the fence of the play area...DJ saw it too! So instead of just driving home, we stopped in to eat lunch and let the kids play! Neither of my 2 objected!!! As if!

Once we were in the driveway parked and I was unloading, Sam starting making sleepy I quickly got DJ out of there, unloaded, and hauled everything in before checking on her praying she was sleeping...NO GO! She was wide awake playing with her newly bare feet! Grrrrrrrr

Needless to say, she got no nap! Which made her extremely clingy before dinner...and she was full on yawning during her bath. She even told me she was tired.

Speaking of kids telling me (and us) something....DJ's been on this costume kick for a week now...first its a fireman...then a doctor...then a monkey....the Buzz Light year...then get the picture? Well, this afternoon on our way into the Fred Meyer parking lot he says to me (verbatim as I asked him 3 times to repeat it!) "Mum, I need a kick ass costume."

I kid you not!! I was so ready to bust out laughing, and very thankful we weren't in public when he said it! Neither of us say "kick ass" in reference to anything! Ever!! So we have NO clue where he picked up on it!

Then during dinner Howie was talking about someone and called that person a "dumb ass" and DJ instantly pipes up and says "Who's a dumb ass Dad?" I turned my head this time and silently busted out laughing!!! All the while Howie is trying to process this...even after I told him about the kickass comment! I guess he really DOES listen to us!! Just not when we're telling him to do something!! Go figure!

Once the kids were in bed, (Sam had no night light, and the door propped 3 inches) thank you Lord they both fell asleep instantly!!! Such wonderful bliss compared to the past couple of nites!! I'm getting off track...sorry! We watched AI which Howie paused as soon as it came on while I was bathing the kids! I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope Tim goes home tomorrow!! Really and truly! If he doesn't, I'll be SHOCKED!!

And after a friend broke the news on FB about who got kicked off DWTS, I didn't watch it, but I'm really glad Kate and all her drama is GONE!!!!!!!! I'm sure Tony Dovoloni is too!! You could tell by his facial expressions and comments he was done!

Now, I'm off to bed and after watching Glee tonite (absofreakinlutely AWESOME!!!) I'm sure I'll be singing Madonna songs in my dreams!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. I feel you on the overspending at the store situation. Our grocery budget is supposed to be $300 a month... last month, we spent almost double that... and we have no idea how!!!



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