Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thoughts of the day

Woke up in a most wonderful way......... ;)

Sent Howie off to work and got started on house stuff

SamSam took a nap

So DJ and I "rested" on the couch

Which means I sorta half-assed napped

He didn't!

Put the dishes away before Sam woke up

Just in time too!!!!

Worked on laundry

Walked on the treadmill (day 5 and my thighs, calves and ankles are feeling it!)

Made breakfast for dinner

Kids totally LOVE waffles!!!

After dinner was bath time

Naked DJ (he calls himself that too!) saw Kristopher outside

He dressed himself to go out

Underwear inside out but on the right way

Pants on perfectly

Shirt on inside out AND backwards

Redressed him while SamSam was having fun turning the faucet on and off

Sent him out

Let SamSam play in the water to her heart's content

Howie came home just before she went down

DJ was still out and enjoying the bonfire two houses away

Yes, I could see him....til it got too dark

Once Sam was settled I went over to get him

He was TOTALLY entranced by the fire

Almost like he was hypnotized by the flames

It was nice and warm by the fire

Introduced myself to Matteo's dad (at least I think he is/was)

Brought up the garbage/recycle/yard waste bins!

DJ got his pj's on

Daddy put him to bed

He came back out to make sure he got his checkmarks for the day (Its working!!!!)

Howie and I watched some tv...Oprah!

She had Kenny Chesney on

And the guys from Buried Life (really interesting concept!)

Howie went to bed

I watched two shows on the DVR (The Good Wife and Miami Trauma [hooked me in!])

Then watched another thing in DVR

A movie

Thought to myself "I'll only watch half of it"

Totally didn't happen that way!!!

Watched it all, hence the spaced out short post

LOVED the actor in Cutting Edge 4 (yes FOUR) Fire & Ice

Took me back to my childhood days of wanting to be a REAL skater!

Laughed and cried

Great movie!

Now I'm off to bed

Til next time...pray for safety of all troops!

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