Sunday, April 18, 2010

Its now my reality!!!!

I'm having a garden this year!!! A real, bonafide, true vegetable garden!!!! Oh I'm SO excited!!! I thought back (WAY back) to the days when my mom had a garden at the first house I Sunderland...and it was in the back 40...literally!! And she made us wear browns and greens and yellows together...hahaha! But seriously...this is where I learned to HATE zucchini...I can handle zucchini bread...but NOT zucchini!!! I'd even pick it out of a fancy schmancy meal in some high brow restaurant too!! That's how much I dislike it!

No, my garden will have peas, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, yams, butternut squash, rutabaga, tomatoes and sunflowers! I hope...I may not have the room needed for all that. While I remember my mom's garden I don't know specifics! And living in the PNW might change that list a bit! But I'm hopeful!!! Oh, I think I HAVE to have a pumpkin in there somewhere!

Today we did the beginning stages....weeding and de-grassing the area we're having the garden in...and de-rocking...seems there was the same amount of each thing too! Dang! The area we picked out is on the south side of the house where it gets the most sun...and its about 12 ft by 6 ft! THAT was hard work I tell ya!!! I'm hurting now, but sure I'm gonna hurt more tomorrow!!!!

I also got 4 loads of laundry done (not yet folded...) and a load of dishes....and yummy breakfasts and lunches and dinners done! You better believe I had a shower too!!!!! Howie did WAY more than me! He did the weed whacking thing, the mowing thing and then the pruning thing!!! We're finding more and more raspberries bushes!!! This excites me to NO end!

The kids had a blast outside too for most of the day!!! So much so, that I think Miss Samantha was a little over stimulated from it all! She fought nap time all the while yawning and rubbing her eyes...and tonite was THE worst nite with her since infancy! Put her to bed normally and she screamed bloody murder that Daddy didn't kiss her good nite....he'd gone down the mtn to the red box to drop off last nite's when he got home, he went in to her and she freaked out wanting me. Ugh! About 9:45 I went and got her and rocked her to sleep...put her in her crib and before I could sit back down, she was hollering! Went and got her again about 10:30 as she hadn't stopped crying out my name and rocked her to sleep again! Put her in her bed at 11 and she was crying before I could close the door!!! So I went in and stood at her bedside and told her to close her eyes, which she'll do on command, and ever so s l o w l y I'd step closer to the door...caught her opening her eyes twice and she closed 'em back up when I told her to. I was ALMOST out the door when the damn cat meowed so loudly it scared even me! And woke her up! UGH!!!! Went in and repeated previous pattern, this time with the door closed! And as I was closing the door she piped up and said "Oyen" her version of I left the door open 3 inches and left. Haven't heard a peep from her in a half hour! 11:15 is ridiculous!!! I sure hope she sleeps in tomorrow! She needs it!

The movie, by the way, was AWESOME!!!!! So much so, that Howie sat down and watched it with me! And he laughed just as much as me! Sam Elliot is in it and he says that's the reason he sat down to watch it....suuuuuure honey!!!! I don't care who it was, it was nice to watch a comedy with my husband!! Doesn't happen often...usually there's gore and war and blood everywhere....

Now that I'm done watching the ACMs and pleased as punch about who won what...its time for bed!!! One day, I WILL go to Vegas during ACM week just to experience it all!! What a dream that would be!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. That is so awesome about your new garden!! How exciting all we can do is container gardening.


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