Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's Make a Deal!!!

If you remember that're just as old as I am....29!!!!! hee hee hee

Today was a mixture of weather...when we got up it was a bit chilly, but the sun was trying to shine thru the clouds...and the next time I looked out it was pouring rain....a little while later the sun is so bright and I had high hopes of it drying up....yet, upon the next view its raining again, that light misty off and on all day!! And nite too for that matter!! I had a clear view of the most perfect full moon tonite...then I'd look back at it on a commercial break and nothing...the cloud cover was way too thick...and then just as Howie was going to bed it peeked out again and I ran to get him knowing how fickle the weather is we were both in awe!!! With our view we're more eye to eye with the moon than anything, which I have to say, is kinda cool!!!!

Today I declared it to be laundry day!!! I got more than half of it done! but not all of it....sorry honey! The kids have all clean clothes tho!

Here's where the deal comes in...Howie had asked me to rinse off the fish for smoking last nite, and the today asked me to make caramel corn for we made a deal, he'd do the fish and I'd do the popcorn IF he left my pears alone!! He stole my perfectly ripened, I've been waiting a week to eat it pear! How dare he right?!??! He dared! Just a couple weeks ago he stole my caramel chocolate eggs I got on the Easter sale...I'd had 6 out of the bag...and then 3 days later I wanted a nibble and the bag was GONE!!!! Gone I tell you! Took me a while to figure it out too!! But I nabbed the chocolate thief!!! tsk tsk Howie!!! (love you!)

Once SamSam was down napping DJ anxiously wanted me to call to see if Kristopher was home, so we did! And he was! And he DID want to come over to play downstairs! Perfect timing too as I was working on the popcorn. Once Sam got up she joined the boys! About 5 K wanted to go home, so DJ, being the "smart" boy figured out how to unlock the child lock on the door, did so. When I came down the stairs I saw what I thought were stickers on the shoe cubby thingy, turns out it was blood. I checked DJ's feet first since he was the one stepping on the shoe thingy. Sure enough he's bleeding from the heel of his left foot. So I told him to crawl up to the kitchen and wait for me while I said good bye to K. That's when the crying started! He was fine til I found the source of blood!

He lay on the kitchen floor like he was in labour!! I asked him to lay on his tummy and wait while I gathered supplies to clean him up and bandage him. As soon as I started cleaning the real theatrics started!!! It wasn't that bad a cut, mostly surface and in no time I had it clean...ok, I lied...with a wiggle worm who's screaming and crying it took some time!! Once I got him bandaged up, he was fine!! He went and laid down on the couch and we propped his foot up.

After a few minutes Sam grabbed the roll of medical tape and laid down on the floor just like DJ, in the exact same spot as DJ...and started fake crying. I was laughing hysterically!!! THAT was too funny! So I put a strip of tape on her foot and she started limping just like DJ!

When Howie got home everyone showed off their injuries. I'm still laughing as I type this out!!!! After a yummy cinnamon waffle dinner I bathed the kids. DJ was concerned it would hurt to take his bandage off, I assured him it wouldn't and yanked it off...he was fine with that! After his bath I determined to leave it open to dry out and heal up.

How did he manage to cut it? On a piece of glass from some broken shot glasses he broke a couple weeks ago...there was one piece over by Jake's door that I missed....he found it!

So...AI was's getting SUPER hard to pick now!! My head/heart say Siobhan NEEDS to go home...I'm done with all her dramatic crap! But, of course, the judges were struck stupid and LOVED it! I don't think Shania even liked it! So I'll be surprised if it IS her...but she's my first pick! I have to day, Lee is growing on me more and more!! He did awesome tonite!! So did Casey!!!! So, that leaves Mike, Aaron and Crystal....I'll call Mike....just a shot in the dark! We'll see!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. It is a tough night to pick someone to go home from AI for sure. I liked everyone. Crystal, who has always been my fav, didnt really do as well last night but I am hoping her regular fans keep her around anyway. Mike was great last night but as good as he is, I find him one-dimensional. Aaron was excellent, Lee was great, I vote for Siobhan to go home, she screams EVERY time, and I am tired of it. Time will tell but I wont, mums the word till the show hits the west coast


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