Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 1...accomplished!

Today was a good day...all around!!

The kids got up relatively early....ate rather quickly compared to some mornings...and we were out the door by 10:20!! Only 20 mins later than I wanted to be...ah well! Such is life with kids!

Our first stop was costco....which was quick and easy really. AND I found this AMAZING Sesame dressing to make Oriental salad with...the kids LOVED it too!! Now, I don't have to buy the salad kit at the grocery store...I can make my own!! YUM!!! As we were leaving we got a berry smoothie and a twisted churro to share...I love the smoothie!! And 1.45 is a hard price to beat!

Our second stop was Fred Meyer. Before we did anything tho we stopped at the bathroom for everyone to do their business...well, I did Sam's for her and DJ didn't have to go.

As we're in there DJ says rather loudly to me "Mum, its Kristopher (which as I've figured out he's saying Quistopher) can I go see him"

And I reply "keep your voice down...it's NOT Kristopher"

He then squats down to see under the stall wall and I freak out in a whisper telling him "NEVER do that again!!!!"

I'm washing my hands and what is he doing? Looking under another bathroom stall door...telling me "Mum, it really is Kristopher!!"

I shush him and quickly leave!! Today was the first day Samantha got to go in Play Land...the child could NOT get out of my arms fast enough!! She barely even kissed me good bye!! They were both excited to go in there! I had a whole hour to go shopping BY MYSELF!!!!

I turn around from getting my bracelet and who do I see??

KRISTOPHER!!!!!! He really was in the bathroom...with his sister. All I could do was shake my head and off I went shopping. I have to say, it was SO nice not to have a screaming/crying/reaching child in the cart!! I think ALL grocery stores should have a Play Land!! Honestly!!!

Eventually I did run into Lara down one of the aisles...we chatted for a bit but I didn't want to waste my precious shopping time! While I was waiting in line I peeked in on the kids and saw Samantha was having a grand old time! Perfect! They were both happy to see me too!

We headed home then as it was almost 2 and we still hadn't eaten a lunch! I didn't even put away all the groceries so I could get lunch done! It wasn't til 3 that she went down...rather late! DJ was outside playing so he was happy! It started doing the torrential downpour thing and the kids went in next door...but not for long.

I'd just started my workout (Day 1) on the treadmill when they came in to play in our play room!So I surrendered the tv to them and just kept on walking! I only did 25 mins today...but still managed to get in a mile! Man, my legs were like JELLY after that! Howie came home, came upstairs after greeting the boys and asked where his girls were....I could barely answer him! Then he came in the kitchen and spread his arms wide for a hug...It took a lot of effort to get up off the stool and walk over to him! Whew!! About an hour later I started feeling better!!

Dinner was something new...chicken/spinach/feta/garlic meatballs....something Wyndi turned us on to and I FINALLY found at costco....its in a refrigerator case...not a frozen one! At least I finally found them! The kids ate them first! Well not DJ...he ate his broccoli first...he LOVES broccoli!!!

After dinner it was bath time for the kids...that went swimmingly! :D And then bed time for them!! LOVE this time of nite!! Altho, with SamSam not nursing anymore we're trying to find he right routine for her....and cut out that last sippy cup she's come to love before bed. She asks for "Beeee" once in a while and I tell her they're broken as she understands that concept. Seems to work and she stops bugging about it! She's also stopped trying to lift my shirt up!

Tonite's viewing pleasure was DWTS and I have to say, Jake Pavelka is doing great for a civilian with no training in dance! BUT, and here's where it gets tricky....the women have it SO much harder than guys to learn these dances! Kate Gosselin SHOULD be voted off....but props to her for trying! She's still so very stiff and not connected to the dance at all! She's hard to watch! Most times it looks like she's walking thru the steps instead of dancing them...just my opinion tho...lol

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I dont usually watch DWTS but I did for some reason watch last night. Perhaps it was the basketball march madness crowding up the schedule. I totally agree with you in all yr comments (how unusual lol, we usually disagree - in the friendliest way possible of course). The girls do have it way harder than the men because they really have to carry the bulk of the dancing. The men kinda just have to walk nicely & catch a hand once in awhile. But poor Kate really did look like a clunker. She walked like someone was holding strings attached to her arms & legs. Facial expressions were scary too!!

    Oh, my pampered chef knives arrived safely & I LOVE them!!! Ty so much. I hope you got some good gifts from your party.

  2. Guess what? Your MckLinky entry won you a giveaway on my blog! It's the Brush Guard system-- you'll love it! Email me your mailing info so I can send it your way!



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