Saturday, April 3, 2010

Like Condensed Soup

My post shall be the same.

Rather boring day today

just perfect too!

the morning was spent fighting amongst the natives

the afternoon resting

after nap DJ got to expel his energy outside

came in SOAKED from playing in the mud

ate dinner in his undies

gave both of them a much needed bath

instead of reading a book we watched the Easter Beagle

Samantha was super cute going to bed

she sat in her crib listening to music

fell over asleep

woke briefly for me to cover her

now THAT'S what I call sleeping like a baby

Howie went to a "going away" party for a co-worker

I tried to warm the house up with baking

made peanut butter button cookies

and then made banana bread

worked perfectly!

I was nice and toasty warm

watched a couple things on dvr

I'll even admit

I watched Princess Diaries 2

I'm a sucker for Disney movies

Now, I'm going to bed


Til next time...ciao!

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