Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

Come back another day!!! Yup, we got more of the wet stuff! We're living up to the Seattle rep! But our rain is such a misty rain that in all actuality, we get the same as most places...just takes longer to fall!! Back home we get rainfalls that insist you pull over til it passes!!! True story!

This morning found me in a Hughes' sandwich!! Howie on one side and DJ on the other side of me! One by one they left me be in the nice warm bed!!! S T R E T C H!!!! I did get to doze back to sleep for a bit which was nice! Then Howie needed to get ready for work!! Lucky me tho, he'd fed them both and changed SamSam!!! I love that man!!

Once he was off to work it just the 3 of us...and the washing machine toiling away...the cat pee'd on my side once again...damn she's picky!! And almost seriously in need of a new home!! UGH!! Around 11 DJ headed out to see if Kristopher could come out to play...and sure enough, he could!

He came in just as I finished making SamSam's lunch...I knew I should have made him his too, As soon as he was done eating he was gone back outside!!! Sam went down for her nap rather easily and I had a bit of time to myself. I spent it doing dishes, running the dryer constantly for the blanket and listening to the radio to try and win tickets to a concert in July! I have a ticket that's available to me thru a concert buddy, but it sure would be nice to win one instead!!! No luck for me today!! Such a bummer!

Once Sam got up she and I headed out to our hair dresser's house to deliver some Avon, pick up some ballots for my current drawing that she's housing for me...and of course, just chat! She has a daughter who's one day older than Samantha...and the two girls get along great!!!! As long as Aliya stays outside to play! She kinda left Sam and went inside. We had visual of Samantha and I assumed Aliya was behind the slide that was in my view...wrong! She'd gone inside and when Sam realized she was alone she started walking around and crying. Not sure why she didn't know where I was as I'd just waved to her 3 minutes before! In any case, my hair dresser's husband was walking toward us as we were leaving her shop with Sam in his arms and she was sniveling! Only took a bit of a hug and kiss and she was all good!

After a quick visit and plans made for a sunny play date, Sam and headed out to the truck. Well, I headed out to the truck and she headed for the play ground I kept on going to the truck. The moment I started it up, her tears started...did she move tho?? noooooooo she kept on standing where she I drove up to the front of the house and was out of her view. She came around the truck that was blocking her view just sobbing! Very happy to be in her car seat...and man, did she STINK!!!! She'd done some business too! P U!!!

We came home and DJ was very busy playing with the boys next door! I was very happy for him! His smile was great! When I could actually see him that is! He'd been in the small "no man's land" up behind the neighbour's house playing.

He did finally come in for dinner after me calling 3 times! Rascal! And as soon as he was done he bounded out of his chair to go back out. No dessert. No after dinner drink. Nothing! He was gone! So that left me and Sam to have a ticklefest!! I love when she says to me "Mummy stop that" and then when I do, she gets all sad and says "Again!" and it starts all over!! So cute!! While DJ was outside still, she got ready for bed and went down fairly easily...just bit of crying. Then DJ came in as they all went inside their house. Perfect timing really!! He sure was thirsty too!! So once he was done drinking it up he got into his pj's and we brushed his teeth and washed his hands. As we were just finishing up Howie came DJ asked him to read to him and tuck him in...which Howie obliged him!

Howie got a new phone today at work...a Blackberry! He has joined the ranks of us Crackberry addicts! Sure, it'll take him a while to figure it all out, but he sure has a good teacher :D Won't be too long he'll be checking in every 5 minutes too! I just know it! Plus, he's got sounds on his to tell him when he's got something...I shut that feature off LONG ago!! Too noisy!

Now, it's time for me to hit the I understand it, I get to sleep in again tomorrow as they boys aren't going fishing tomorrow...its supposed to be yucky again. Sunday is the fishing day....our one day of sunshine in 14...*shakes head*

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Missy,
    Another super busy day! Too funny about SamSam, they are so sensitive at that age. We have a big family birthday party tomorrow for my daughter Sydney (turning 16) and Molly (Jason's daughter) turning 6. I have been PRAYING it won't rain. Looked bad earlier in the week but I think our chances reduced and it's supposed to be 81 degrees! We plan on getting the big blow up water slide out. What a difference across the country makes, right?

    I hope you get a slice of nice tomorrow. Have a happy Sunday!


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