Thursday, April 29, 2010

I guess there's still a lot to learn

Today I had my first Skype call. The kids and I were sitting on the couch talking and playing around when all of a sudden it sounded like there were birds chirping in the house. I muted Tinkerbell to make sure it wasn't the wasn't! It was my Aunt calling me on Skype. I hit talk as she hit I called her back....and hung up on her when I couldn't figure out how to type to her. You see, I don't have a she couldn't see me, but I could see her just fine! She called back and this time typed something...which is how I found out how to type to her! So we had a one sided conversation......her talking, me typing! Good thing I type relatively fast. It seems we also don't have a mic for this computer!!! I'm telling you, summer can't come quick enough so we can get a new one! With all the bells and whistles!

This morning was a good one!! I've been peeking in on the kids in the mornings while they have their music playing and whatnot. As soon as DJ hears SamSam wake up, he asks to go in her room...yesterday they were both in the crib dancing to Barney....this morning (after asking DJ to NOT go in the crib) they were singing to each other along with Barney. Oh it was cute!

We could have gone in for Story time at the library, but I chose not to...Laundry Part Deux was to happen today!! So far, so good...I still have to get the load out of the dryer and put the last load in the wash! And then tomorrow it's towel day!!! Never ending I tell ya!

Around 11 I noticed Lara online so chatted with her for a bit to see if K could come over to play. They had plans but maybe later. Part of her plan she shared with me...going to my local fave coffee stand just down the hill. Today they were giving away 16 oz drinks FREE!!! Anything but Red awesome!!! They even do a lot of non-caffeine drinks for kids...milkshakes, smoothies, frozen hot chocolate and Italian sodas. I made a lunch, and then head to town for a treat and come back! That's when it hit me I had Avon to deliver too! Perfect!!

Everything went smooth as silk too! The kids were beyond thrilled with their strawberry smoothies too!! Me...I got an iced chai tea...YUM!!!! They seriously have THE best chai I've ever had! Scrumpdillyumptious! (say that 5 times fast!) While DJ was drinking his, he burped and said to me "Mum, my mouth just farted" and laughed! whattakid!!!

We were back home shortly after 2 and in time for Sam to settle and take a nap! She's hardly fighting it these days! At nite she gets a little louder, but it lasts 5 minutes now! SUCH a difference! While she was napping, Kristopher came over and DJ was ecstatic!!! Off they went downstairs to play! Once Sam got up, she joined the boys and kept wafting back upstairs to check on me! Cuteness!

After dinner I took the kids downstairs with me while I worked out on the treadmill...I'm now up to 4.0 mph when jogging...which I can't do for long...oh it takes a lot out of me!! A LOT! and today I did 1.32 miles in 25 mins! Not too shabby! After the kids were in bed, I grabbed a much needed shower and then Howie and I sat down to watch the results of AI. Can I just say, I'm tickled pink that Siobhan is GONE!!!!! I was very worried it would be Casey...and when it was just him and Siobhan, it intensified!!! Whew! Dodged a bullet!!

Now, I'm headed to bed to read...just got an email from the library tonite that one of the books I wanted on gardening is at the library waiting for me! YES!!!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S...if anyone knows how to make Skype work on my BlackBerry, please share!

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