Sunday, April 25, 2010

If you want a clean house...

Have unexpected company for dinner!! That'll get your tail in action!!! Seriously! I'm so grateful my husband knows his way around a vacuum too!

This morning, well, barely morning, Howie woke DJ up for his first ever fishing trip!! It was Opening Weekend for trout fishing and there's a spot Howie's been going to for YEARS!! And this year, DJ was his co-captain!! They both have been looking forward to it all week!

I have to say, waking in bed alone was amazing!! Even more amazing was the 7 uninterrupted hours of sleep!! SEVEN!!!! SO refreshing!

I called Howie right away to see how they were doing and got call I left a message! Howie called back two mins later to give me the update...they were done fishing and on their way home!! I was shocked!!! He said DJ stayed awake from 3:30 am....the WHOLE time! We figured he'd go back to sleep on the way up to the lake...but nope! He was far too excited!!

Howie took the camera and took great photos!! The expression on DJ's face was SO awesome when he caught his first fish!! Pure excitement!! And the proud Daddy face was just as awesome!

While the boys were fishing, SamSam and I were going to deliver Avon...that all changed when Howie told me our friend Rick was coming to dinner!! Nothing like company coming I make you clean your house!!!

As soon as they got home it seems, DJ was outside playing with Kristopher...not sire where he got the energy from!! Once Howie ate he went to bed with the promise of helping clean! I did the kitchen while he w napping so that it would be clear for the gutting of the fish....blech! He cleaned ALL the fish...15 of them! Our 10 were going in brine for smoking and Rick was taking his home with him. I've never had smoked trout before....

Of course when Howie got up from his nap, Samantha had just gone down minutes no vacuuming was getting done. He worked on cleaning up the boat and I worked on toilets...which then morphed into bathtubs and vanities!!

Plus making a cake for dessert, and baking potatoes for twice baked potatoes which were SO yummy!!! The kids were eating when Rick and his lady friend arrived which was perfect! They went downstairs to play while we ate! Once I was done eating tho he became my cling on! My boy was literally walking around 3/4's asleep!! He crashed SO hard when put to bed...not even 5 mins later I went to tuck him in and he was gone!! Sound asleep while Samantha screamed her pretty head off!! We're back to just closing the door and she's out within minutes instead of hours!

Once they were tucked in we adults played cards!! Such fun when you win secretly!!!! I snuck up behind everyone!! I even had more points than anyone!!! YAY me!!!

Now I'm laying on the couch easing a cramp on my right side while thumbing this on my phone!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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