Thursday, April 22, 2010

Apparently all those worms

DID move to lower ground!!! Today when Howie got home from work he got changed and unpacked his bag and came back out to go worm hunting with DJ! Who was positively THRILLED to be doing so....even tho I'm pretty sure he'd never seen a worm before much less touch one!

We dug and dug and dug!!! Finally we found 2....moved to the back of the house and found two more...then to the front of the house and found the motherlode!!!! 4 more in front of the cement step and then 5 more over by the fence of our driveway. Even baker's dozen!!! Much to my surprise, DJ touched the worms!!!!! The first one he touched was followed by "EW!" and from that point on, he just touched them and wiped his hand on his pants! We even had the neighbour boys helping find them!!

This night time crap that Samantha is putting us all thru has GOT to stop!!!! Last nite she cried for a half hour...but its SO loud it keeps DJ's been an hour already! No end in sight either!!

Its messing with DJ so much that he inadvertently took a nap this afternoon for an hour!! Which was awesome, cuz I got a power nap and was able to work out on the treadmill by myself!!! Just me and the iPod!!! Nice!!! I was so shaky after it was like both my legs became noodles! By the time I was done, they were both just waking up!!! In order to wake them up fully I said we'd go outside...well, both of them were on board with that!!! I wasn't sure how much I'd get done outside as I was literally exhausted! But I did manage to get the tomatoes planted and the garlic planted!!!! Its officially started! I can now call myself a gardener!!! This weekend I want to get the cooler weather loving stuff in the ground! Howie helped me in the midst of worm hunting by bringing 4 wheel barrow fulls of soil from the back to the garden. The back soil is less rocky and will cover up the rocky earth that is the garden already! Then I'll mix in the top soil when I plant on Sunday. SOOO excited!!! This is not like knitting tho...I have to keep reminding myself of that...I won't get results right away!

Now that Howie's in bed I'm off to watch what the DVR recorded for me!! Love that thing!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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