Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NOW it's personal

Since the start of the war with Iraq in 2003, I've not been associated wit it...yes, I've read accounts of it...known online friends who's husbands did tour(s), but never had it been personal.

NOW it's personal!! My cousin Jeff is deploying tomorrow (today if you're reading this on the 7th) and we're hoping he'll be home late fall!! That is of course, if they don't extend his tour...which they're known to do. Please keep his safety in your prayers! I'd be much obliged!

I woke up to an email from my Aunt but it was written by my cousin...it hit me! The reality of it all just hit me!! I was off and on crying all morning!! So we didn't go finish the grocery shopping....we just stayed in and played....well they played til I got very upset by DJ opening a toy that I'd put on the top shelf downstairs...it was a gift for someone else...he destroyed the box! Then went downstairs and he'd also gotten the mega blocks down...again from the top shelf...and they were EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I hate those things! They're lego 1000 times bigger....and spread out EVERYWHERE!!!! I was NOT happy! They both got sent upstairs.

Lunch was DJ's fave!! I got some raspberry jam (he ate all the homemade stuff!) for DJ while at Fred Meyer's yesterday so he was thrilled to have it today for lunch! Kept thanking me for the jam all thru eating! Cute!

Once Sam went down for her nap, DJ spied Kristopher outside getting his shoes on...so he quickly went pee, and got ready to head out himself! As soon as he was outside playing I laid down on the couch. DJ had me up 15 minutes after I'd gone to bed....which is most unpleasant! Takes me longer to fall asleep after that kind of waking....maybe that's just me...

Next thing I knew, DJ AND Kristopher were in the house! I didn't even hear them come in!! They went down to play and I got ready to workout (day 2)...Sam was still sleeping and Howie was due home soon. Perfect timing! I upped my speed today by 3 tenths of a mile...might not sound like a lot, but my thighs beg to differ!!!! Hot damn! I did manage to have a phone conversation in the last 5 minutes, so I know I'm walking at a good speed and can still talk! I don't think I was huffin and puffing....was I Wyndi?? lol

I grabbed a shower before dinner as I wanted to finish off the groceries before the sales were up. Worked rather well too! And Howie now has a full tank to run on!!! I scored BIG TIME at Albertsons!!!! All their candy was 50% off....and their Easter goodies (non-candy) was 75% off! I didn't get candy as I know I'll be eating it and that defeats my working out....so I got their pre-made Easter baskets super CHEAP!! Like 1.50 and 2.00 cheap! I dismantled them and put all the toys in the hall closet for future b-day gifts for when DJ or Sam are invited....awesome!!!

Now, I'm gonna go watch AI as my wonderful husband dvr'd it for me!!! I got home shortly after 9 and it was right in the middle of Tim's performance (please God, send him home!!!) so I still have 5 more to watch prior to that. From the rundown at the end, I see Andrew and Tim in the bottom two...

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I agree (this is getting to be a habit!!) Andrew & tim in the bottom, with Andrew going home. Pity too, cause hes a nice guy and would really benefit from the show, but he just doesnt have the talent of the others. Tim next week. lol. I liked Crystal as always, but Casey blew me away. I had never heard that song before (!!! a lennon song I never heard) but i LOVED it, watched it 3 times. I thought he was brave to do it with just an acoustic guitar & a cello, and I thought he nailed it. Made me want to cry, well maybe I did tear up a bit.

  2. Oh gosh! Praying for your cousin and safe return from his service.

    Sounds like you needed that power nap! :-)


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