Monday, April 26, 2010

This time last nite

I was sound asleep! Literally!! I was so beyond exhausted and yawning like crazy that when Brothers & Sisters was over, I picked up my stuff and headed to bed!!! Never had another thought after reading for roughly 5 minutes!

What a great sleep too!!!!!! Tonite my goal is 38 minutes to go! lol

DJ on the other up bright and early!!! I think it was 7:15 or thereabouts! He was content to snuggle me for a bit and then head out to watch tv! Sam didn't move til about 8:30 and then all 3 of us snuggled for a bit! I love those morning snuggles!!! We talk about what we want to do for the day!

Today's plan was to go on a Pet Store tour with the Mommy & Me group....the plan was to be in the truck for 10...yeah, more like 10:07....those minutes would definitely make us late!! But we went anyway! Along the path down our mountain we got hung up behind three horse trailers at turned right soon after we joined the convoy. Each horse trailer had a truck following behind that's 4 slow moving vehicles.......................unreal! It normally takes me 10 minutes to get down to the it took 23!! At which point it was far too late to try and get to Snohomish for the pet store tour!

I turned into the Albertsons plaza and stopped at the Dollar Store to exchange some stuff and pick up new garbage bags and dryer sheets! Instead we got garbage bags, new sunglasses for DJ, a windmill for SamSam, freezer pops, snaky things for Howie's lunch and a pasta salad kit. Yeah, forgot the dryer sheets and they were kind of important.... lol

After our shopping we headed out to a park....since we were in town and all! I was going to go to Tye Lake Park, but decided to check out the park that I'd seen mentioned in the Mommy & Me online forum! It was super easy to find and there were no kids there. (should have been my first clue!) so we unload and run in! It was not a toddler/pre-school kind of park! It was all climbing swings, no slides, no slides! (clue 2) but we persisted and played on! They had this fake tire swing thing that had no the 3 of us could swing at one time!! I liked that! And DJ enjoyed giving ME a push!

As we're trying things out at the park, these two dudes that don't look friendly were walking along the guy came in the park and peed in the fountain...the DRINKING fountain!!! Sick!!!! (clue 3) and then as they were walking past my truck they both look inside my windows to see if its worth breaking into (FINAL STRAW!) and then kept on walking!

You guessed it! We left!!!! That was the straw that broke the camel's back! We'll not be going back there again!!! Nope nope nope!

Once SamSam was down for the count I went outside! DJ was already out there and had enjoyed his picked-up-off-the-ground lunch on the neighbour's back porch. He came running for me as soon as I was out there! My goal was to get the garden started! Mission accomplished! Feels good too!!! While the 3 of us (Kristopher was with us too!) walked to check the mailbox I had a great thought hit me! Since there was no mail I acted on the thought right away! I grabbed two 5 gallon buckets and gave one to each boy...and told them for every pine cone they picked up, I'd give them a penny! Oooooooooooooh they liked that!!! I only had them do it for 10 minutes as they would lose interest quickly! Good thing it was only that long too!! Worked like a charm tho! DJ collected 138 of them and Kristopher got 141 of them! They both liked seeing the money for the work! And who knows, maybe the other 1000 of them will get done quicker! :D

Howie went to bed after watching DWTS with me...I really think Pamela is next to go...and Niecy is really growing on me! She did FANTASTIC tonite!! Reallly improved! Since there wasn't anything 'new' on tonite, its all re-runs! grrrrr I watched last nite Amazing Race and was surprised they did a non elim nite!

Now, I'm ready for bed and I have 18 mins to spare..not bad, not bad!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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