Friday, April 9, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

SAHHHHWEEEEET its Friday!!!!!!!!!! Even tho I'm not out in the real working world...I love the weekends to spend time as a family!!!! The kids love it and I love it!!! Just about every morning DJ comes out the living room calling out for his dad...and sometimes he'll come back to me all heartbroken that he's not there!!! Its cute!

Once again I'm not prepared as it was only tonite while getting Howie's coffee ready for the morning it dawned on me that its Friday tomorrow!!!! AHHH ya go...I know you were worried I'd bail on ya....nah, not me!!!

I guess the fun fact for this Friday is....I LOVE salt!!!! Not on absolutely everything...but most times I prefer salt! And I love salty snacks...chocolate is for special times of the month ifyouknowwhatImean....but give me salt any day and I'm happy! I don't cook with it as Howie doesn't like I salt my own plate and everyone's happy! Thanks to my dad, I even put it on fruit....grapefruit and watermelon (not now, but in the past) YUM!!!! Cucumbers especially MUST have salt unless they're in a salad....

Now, its your turn...either comment or leave me a question you're just dying to ask!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all the troops!

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  1. I LOVE salt too!! I get yelled at by everyone for how much salt I use and I get to tell them that I am actually suppose to use more salt, as my blood pressure is super low.

    Hmm....what is my fun fact for today?? Hmm...There are 3 people in my family who's birthdays take turns on Thanksgiving day! Random but true!!


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