Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its offically offical!!!!!

My sweet, loving, darling, cute and wonderful daughter has struck the Terrible Twos with a vengeance!!!! I'm about ready to shave my head bald in hopes of someday growing it back out! Y'know, so I don't have to yank it out!

Last nite was beyond miserable!!! She woke up at 1 am...I tried laying her down, rocking her in the rocking chair, rocking her out in the living room, sippy cup, book, different name it...I tried it!!! Its times like these I wish I was still nursing her so I could have at least shut her up!!! She literally cried (save for the times she was in my arms) for 2 hours!!! That's right...she cried til 3:04 am!! She woke Howie up sorta....he heard her and told me she was crying...he was ignorant to time and at that point it had been 45 minutes. She woke DJ up...he had to pee so we went to the bathroom whispering...but her door was open and she was standing in the one corner that has visibility...then he came to me 7 minutes later to ask for music...then he got up again cuz he wanted blankets on him after specifically telling me he didn't want any on when I tucked him in the last time....Finally he went back to sleep!!!!

Eventually I had to do some "tough love" on SamSam...closed her door, and let her cry it out!! All the while I'm laying on the floor with a snuggie waiting for her to stop crying! I jolted shortly after she up and went to bed...hence I know it was 3:04!! I'm beyond exhausted!! Even DJ didn't wake up til well after 8!

Our plan for the day was to go do Story time at the library....then finish the shopping at Albertsons and then get DJ's fishing "license" which is really just a catch record. At his age they're free and just for purposes of knowing who caught what. He was SO excited to go do this trip! It was while giving the information that DJ asked me "Mum, where's Sam??" WHAT!?!??!?! Sure enough she was no where to be seen!! I started calling out for her and no response...then realized we were close to play land and went to check...sure enough she was standing at the dwarf door looking in. OY!!! She was in my arms for the rest of it!

As soon as I handed DJ is "license" he is beaming!!!! And says "My very own fishing license. Thanks Mum!!!" and this younger man in the returns line was watching the whole thing just mesmerized!!! It was funny!!!

Now the license is in the bowl with Daddy's, or so he thinks...Daddy's is still out in his car. But they'll be united soon enough! Both boys are just tickled pink to be going together!!!! I'll admit, I'm quite nervous about the water aspect...I don't want him getting fully we...ifyouknowwhatImean!

SOOOOOOOOO glad Tim's gone in AI!!!! Positively thrilled!!! Now, it's going to get tougher and tougher to pick who's crashing and burning!!! I will predict that Aaron's next....we'll see!

I got a book today at the library...a REAL book!!! Its an autobiography of Trace Adkins...and I plan on reading it at nite instead of my mag...and move the mag to my morning's hoping its a fast read too!! I have 3 gardening books on hold at the library and the gal helping me said I might get one as early as next week!!! WOOT!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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