Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GLEE is BACK!!!!!!!

Today was bearable as I knew Glee was coming back tonite after AI!!!

And I only woke up once last nite...this is progress!! Not because of dry mouth either as I discovered at 5:35 that I was breathing out of one nostril!!! YAY!!!! All day tho, they've been playing tennis or something!!!! Right now, I'm plugged in both and hoping that will change when I go to bed. No, the thing that woke me was a 3 y/o boy (soon to be 4!) clinging to me and stealin my pillow!! Then I saw the bathroom light come on and rolled said 3 y/o over to his daddy's side and instantly fell back to sleep as I didn't even feel Howie kiss me good bye...but if he forgets to....I know!!!!!!

DJ got up just before 7:30 and was in and out and in and out! But he didn't go into SamSam's room til I gave him permission! Its not pretty when she gets woken up...its best to let her wake on her own! Kinda like her Mum! (right mom and dad??)

This morning was another low key one! Just the 3 of us hanging out!!!! They're so funny together when they're in a good mood! For the most part, today was a funny day!! No one gets SamSam laughing in hysterics like DJ does!!! Since birth they've been like that! Just watching them today was awesome...they do have a great bond! I hope it stays that way!!! You can change friends, but family is family!

This afternoon while Sam was snoozing DJ and spent time together...and then he watched me workout...didn't have the tv on just watched me....while continuously spinning the office chair downstairs....I seriously thought he was going to wretch from doing it so much! He didn't...which is good!

Once Howie was home it became chaotic!!! But a good chaos!! I must say tho...I'm SOOOOOO not enjoying the terrible 3's!!!!! I'm really hoping they turn into fabulous 4's!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!

As soon as the kids were in bed we watched AI....Their renditions of Elvis did NOT blow me away by any means!!!! And the fact that there's 2 of them going home has me jumping for joy!! My 2 to go home...Andrew and Tim....but I don't think Tim will get voted thanks to Simon's an alternate, I'd choose Siobhan...but that's just my .02

And, what else can I say!?!?!? Freaking awesome!!!! The video at the end of Sue Sylvester doing Madonna's Vogue song had me in stitches!!!! I caught the subtle changes in the song that reflected her...laughed even harder!!! GREAT show!!!!

On that note (pun intended) I'm calling it a nite earlier than most...

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. I LOVED Glee!!! I actually had a dream last night that I was Emma, and Mr. Shue was making out with me... it was a NICE dream, lemme tell ya!



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