Friday, April 16, 2010

You would think

That the worms I displaced yesterday would have passed the word along to the rest of the worm population....they didn't!! Yeah...I was at the working in the yard thing again today!! My muscles are really feeling it too!! I started on the front side of the house where I want my garden to be....I only got about 10 feet of the side of the house weed free!! Good heavens its gonna take forever!! Thankfully, there's rain in the forecast for I can just workout on the treadmill! Whew!

This morning was an earlier than normal for a Friday wake up...Howie had a couple stops to make before heading to worked out well actually....we were finally going to get to connect with the Mommy & Me group as it's potluck Friday for the month. We got there a little late, but that just meant the kids dove right into the toys! They had SO much fun!!! After playing we did stories and songs and then let them loose on the food!! While they were busy playing after lunch, I snuck out to get some new books for them....SO much better to do it without them! And quicker!!!! I'm not kidding! lol

OHHHHH I also got to hold a rather new baby girl named Maggie while her mom dealt with her 2 year old brother who was tantruming! It was so nice!!!! Samantha was ALL over me trying to get at the baby...I swear she grew extra arms too!! The best her back!!!! AWESOME!!!

We left shortly after 1 so Samantha wouldn't fall asleep in the truck!! Success!!!! And when we got home Kristopher was outside playing so he immediately joined K! Perfect atmosphere to put Sam to sleep! She fought me for a few minutes and cried two cries when I covered her up and she was OUT!!!! About 3:45 she woke we headed outside to play/work!

She absolutely LOVES the I put her on it and pushed her gently all the while she's yelling at me HIGHER HIGHER! Yeah...not happening! About 5 mins into swinging (this is NOT a baby swing by the way) she forgot she was supposed to hold on to the chain and let both hands go....and back she went to the ground!!! When I picked her up...she was mad at ME!!!! I was trying to hold back the laughter!! Don't tell her that! I get her all calmed down and brushed off and she wanted back I told her to go on her tummy. While she was doing that, I went and jumped on the trampoline with the boys...for all of 3 jumps as Sam was freaking out on the swing. It had stopped and she was just hanging out on her tummy on the swing...her feet couldn't touch. So I got her off and told her she could help me dig rocks. She liked that!

About an hour later I noticed she'd wandered back over to the tree swing and was swinging away on her tummy! Good thing babies have such short memories! She gets that from her dad!! hee hee

After dinner I bathed the dirty monsters kids and the water was brown when DJ was done!! Unreal!!! They both went to bed without so much as a fuss!!! And Howie was 10 minutes or less from home!! I got his dinner ready and it was perfect timing really! SamSam must've heard Snickers bark when Howie pulled when Howie got his bag unpacked he went in to see her...she was calling out for him! She is SUCH a Daddy's girl!!

Once Howie was done we watched the stuff we DVR'd on Monday nite...good to delete sometimes!! But now, I have nothing to watch...hence the somewhat early blog

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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