Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Foolin'

Man, I got had today!!!! By a g/f in twitter....she actually got 3 of us with one tweet...little brat! I can say that, she doesn't read my blog (yet!) lol

But....I got one of my VERY loyal readers, Fiona! REALLY good too!!! :D I posted on FB that I was done, deleting it, and good bye! She bought it hook, line and sinker! Ahhh made me laugh! Thanks Fifi!

Jokes aside...Picaboo replied to my email last nite AFTER I hit submit to tell me that they were extending the deadline...would have been nice to know in EMAIL form EARLIER in the day!!!!! Insane!!!! With them, you have a half hour to cancel your order, so I did. Today, while SamSam was napping I worked on it more with a clearer head (thankfully my hormones settled over nite!) and made it absolutely perfect in my mind...hit "order" and then entered my freebie code...and NOTHING!!!!! It said I can only use that code once....but I didn't get to actually use it!!!!

I tried hitting "Submit Feedback" and it popped up windows all over the place...closed all but one, filled it out, and it wouldn't send! At this point, I'm starting to get hot under the I hit reply on the email I got last nite from them and sent the same message....NOTHING!! Its now 11:23 as I type this, and it has to be in by midnite...if I don't hear anything back from them tonite, then I'll be calling their 800 number and raising heck!!! This has been most frustrating!!

Thru it all tho, I've been referred to a couple other digital scrapbooking sites....maybe in a couple months I'll check them out...I think I need a break from it. I will say tho, I prefer it over the hand cut stuff...SOOOOOO much easier!!!

Today was a much nicer day with the kids....and DJ was extremely loving for the most part! He wanted to watch Buzz Light(year) and he got his wish...he doesn't understand that Woody is the main character...he just likes Buzz!

Samanth's vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds!! Just tonite, she tried saying cinnamon...and it came out "amon"....I know some adults who struggle with that word! Her little sentences are getting more frequent too! Its nice she's trying to express herself with words instead of screeches....we're still working on that!

DJ's cute moment for the day...he fed Snickers after dinner (who by the way, has had NO sign of any kind of sore on her I'm pretty sure its not Lupus!) and when he set the bowl down he did it like I do...made Snickers sit...then wait...then "go!" and she listened to him!!! She's such an amazing dog!!! We could not have asked for better!! No, Dad, you still can't have her!!!! :P

I'm off to watch Survivor...apparently there's a to-do with Russell and Rob...I'm on Team Rob if it comes down to it! :)

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Hey, woman, yes you got me GOOD, but at least you know I care, you brat. I am sorry that Rob went home, I liked him a lot. I could smack Russell in his ever-shrinking belly


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