Friday, April 9, 2010

This morning when DJ got up

He immediately came running back to the bedroom to tell me "there's SNOW on the ground Mummy!"

My words were "Oh really?? Is there a lot??" and my thoughts were "oh crap!" and "he'll finally get to use his winter gear!"

Thankfully there was only an inch to show on the railing of the back deck...and the sun was starting to peek out for the morning! By noon it was all melted away! But DJ sure had fun playing outside in it!

In fact....he ate his breakfast SUPER fast as Kristopher was already outside playing in it!! Amazing how that temptation lured him in!

Sam wasn't at all bothered by DJ going out to play...she would look out the window and say "Noooo" her version of snow, and then happily go back to playing by herself...her socks became mittens and on she played!

Around noon DJ came in as Kristopher had gone in to his house...his boots however stayed outside as he was one big walking mud kid!!! He also went thru 3 pr of mittens/gloves in the first 10 minutes as he didn't like how his hands were getting wet....not sure he understands exactly what snow

Once Sam was down for her nap, he and I had a good time. Whenever he was sitting quietly I'd run over to him from whatever I was doing and lay my head in his lap....oh he thought this was so funny!!!!! He even started calling me over to come lay in his lap!...til he started pulling my hair...that was the last time of the day!

Once Howie got home from work I did my walk on the treadmill...even did 2 spurts of 2 mins of running at 4 mph...thank God there's no paparazzi at my house!! They'd laugh me out of town!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO not a runner!!!! But I've spoken with a friend who's also a personal trainer and with my hernia, walking and jogging are really my only options until its fixed. Which I don't see happening any time soon....I'd love to...but I'm still picking SamSam up too often and she's close to 30 lbs!!! Hopefully next year!

After dinner I grabbed a shower and when I came out, Howie had already put DJ in bed and was rocking Samantha....I took her and rocked her in her room and put her to bed! Easiest nite!! Then we sat down and watched a Blue Collar Comedy tour program that Howie dvr'd last weekend....oh those guys crack me UP!!!!! We were both rolling!!!! Laughter is good for the soul!!!!

Now, I'm all caught up on Survivor (damn I want Russell GONE!!!!!!!) and the Mentalist (fab show!) and I'm soon to bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all the troops!

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