Saturday, April 3, 2010

It all began

One year ago today!!!

Happy blogiversary to me!!

Happy blogiversary to me!!!!

Happy blogiversary dear readers!!!!!

Happy blogiversary to meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it!!!! One full year of blogging!!!!!!! And I didn't miss one day!!

I have to say....I've also become addicted to it...just a little bit! I simply can't imagine going to bed without blogging....sad eh?? I do love to evidenced by all the posts!

Today for my blogiversary present, I got to go shopping ALONE!!!! :D Samantha was napping....DJ was outside playing....Howie was downloading I took off! Fred Meyer's ads end on Saturday and we needed some stuff they had on I was in line to make a hashbrown casserole for tomorrow's brunch and didn't have half the stuff I needed for it. Then I made a side trip to the dollar store to stock back up on candy for the kids eggs. I had to restrain myself too...I only made up 14 eggs and each one has 2 things in it. They're strategically placed all over the living room...with one each in their high chairs! This the first time hiding eggs for my own kids...kinda fun!!! *hop hop*

Believe it or not...I didn't stop and see my boyfriend Ben...not sure why either!!! I did drive right by him!!! I think I was a little frazzled from my trip to Freddy' was it C R A Z Y there!!!! I'd forgotten how panicked people get when its Easter and they need to buy the entire meal the day before!!! I have witnessed this mostly from the other side of the cash register...but today, I was the customer....I'll try not to do that again!!! Whew!

Tonite we had a loaned DVD by our neighbours (thanks Lara and Mike!) so we watched it once the kids were in bed. Sherlock Holmes! Wasn't quite what I was expecting, but good nonetheless. Of course you easily see how it will become a sequel at some point down the line! I do enjoy Robert Downey Jr....he's a fine actor! I'm not a fan of "dark" that the entire background is done in greys or blacks...makes it hard to see detail in the movie! And, I'm disappointed that "Elementary my dear Watson" wasn't uttered once!! Not once!!! tsk tsk! lol

Now, the last of the banana bread muffins are in the oven baking and I must go to bed as the kids will be up early and we have to get up with them to watch the egg hunt! Oh, instead of doing baskets....I did pails and shovels!! The whole basket idea is lame in my opinion!! What can or will they do with it after? And do I really want to "store" it over the year?? No! With a pail and shovel they'll get to play with it after! Also, instead of a bunny I did a Valentine apple that has gummy worms in it...they won't know the difference and no where on it does it say Happy Valentines! Hee hee hee! DJ got chalk and Sam got hair bands and a stuffed bunny.

Ok...muffins are out....g'nite!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I'm toying with the idea of changing my sign off...what are your thoughts??

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