Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

Today started with a GORGEOUS morning! After yesterday's wacky weather I wasn't sure what to expect really! But the day started with lots of sunshine!!

It also started early!!! DJ woke up just before 8 and came out to find Howie...and spotted some eggs!! Oh he was raring to go then!!! We haven't really talked up the whole Easter bunny thing...but he's been watching the Easter Beagle in Charlie Brown we let him keep on thinking that's what happened.

Howie stopped DJ at two eggs and told him to wait til Sam and I got up...we beauties need our sleep y'know!! Once Samantha found her first one she caught on!!! We only coached a little bit...I only did up 14 eggs...and when they discovered there was candy inside...they went even quicker!!!

They were each thrilled with their baskets too! More about the pail and shovel than anything else in it! As I knew they would be!!

Our goal (maybe just mine) was to be out of the house by 9...yeah, didn't quite happen...we didn't leave our house til 9:30something...but we were only 15 mins late in the grand scheme of things...and we beat Jake who had the SHORTEST distance to go!!! It worked out well tho as my SIL had hidden eggs for the kids...the nice tiny ones I couldn't they had even more fun finding them since they understood it all!

Brunch was FULL of yummy stuff!!! Due to poor communication with my SIL we ended up with THREE (3) hashbrown casseroles!!! She made hers with cream of chicken soup and hashbrown squares....I did mine with cream of mushroom and shredded hashbrowns...they were both GOOD!!!! Her's was nice and gooey/runny and mine was tight like a casserole...but just YUM!!! Howie even said I'm to make this a little more often! We had eggs, bacon, fruit cut up, delicious cinnamon buns, banana muffins (from yours truly) and juice/milk....we ate well!

After eating we visited for a while and the kids got into their bubble stash that they got from their Aunt and Uncle...they each got sidewalk chalk and Sam got a t-shirt that says "One cute chick" soooooooo perfect!!

A little later on my FIL opened his presents as today is his birthday! We got him a new license plate frame that has ALL the grandkids' names on it...we'd given him one after DJ was born as we thought we were done having kids.......didn't work out quite like that now did it?

Around 1 we headed home to make nap time happen for Sam...she was soooooooo due for one too!! She started throwing those tired off she went as soon as we got home! While she was sleeping I did up the grocery list and Howie dismantled the treadmill to bring it in the house. Then we had to call on our neighbour to use his muscles (Thanks Mike) as I couldn't possibly be of any help whatsoever!! Having a hernia sux...but this sucker was a motherbitch to pick up!!! Horrid heavy!

Sam got up shortly after 4 and it was my job to keep the kids away from Howie while he reassembled the treadmill and swapped out the outlet for a new one that the treadmill would plug into!

After dinner the kids watched Easter Beagle again and then went straight to bed without much fuss! Grateful for that! Howie and I watched a new show "Minute to Win It" which is just insane really! The things people will do for money.....

Now, I'm all Amazing Race/Celebrity Apprentice'd out....and going to bed early for a change!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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