Monday, April 12, 2010


Today started off miserably for seems my "stuffy nose" is a full blown cold!! I was waking up every 2 hours to moisten my mouth which was bone dry from breathing while sleeping....kinda sorta important...I think tonite I'll keep some water on my night I now have both sides stuffed....the menthol inhaler works for a couple minutes but that's it. And before you suggest the Neti Pot...I saw what one does and how its supposed to work....I'm sorry that's just not for me!!! Water up my nose is what I don't like about swimming....

Around 11 I told Howie I was going to lie down as I was feeling awful...and I slept for 2 hours (this is how I know it takes 2 hours to get a dry mouth) and it was wonderful!!! I didn't hear the kids but the one time they knocked on the door Howie told me to was much needed!! I did have the cats, but they kept to themselves!

Once lunch was done (the kids were just finishing up theirs) I got ready to head out to the salon I deal with and drop off more Avon stuff and show off some samples! Remind me next time to go just before closing...I sat there for well over an hour as customers just kept coming!!! OY!! lol Good for them, but man what a long wait!

Once home I found Howie and Jake watching tv...SamSam still napping...and DJ outside playing! Perfect! Jake stayed for supper and even tho we ran out of propane, it was still good! The kids REALLY enjoyed having their big brother around....they needed that!

After dinner Howie got ready for work...something boiler related and he has to do one graveyard shift...which really messes with the internal clock! I do hope tomorrow afternoon is nice so he can work outside!

He was working outside before I left and had asked me to step out he wanted to show me something....he discovered Raspberry bushes growing in the back...amongst all the blackberry bushes! Now, you have no clue how much I love raspberries...but O M G....I LOVE raspberries!!! And so far, its the only jam DJ will, I won't have to go buy them, I'll just have to pick them!!!!! We're still getting rid of the blackberries that are creeping onto our property from the one behind us...and I'll still be able to pick from we're set!!! Just need my blueberry bushes to get bigger!!! AWESOME find!!!!

Once the kids were in bed, which was relatively easy on my own actually....I sat down to watch Celebrity Apprentice...and not at all sad to see Selita get fired! The commercials they shot were funny...both of them! I have yet to see them on real tv tho. After that I watched Amazing Race (Thank you maker of DVR!) and then Brothers & Sisters....which had me LOL'ing several times!!!

Now, I'm heading to bed! The kids will be up too soon and the nap euphoria has worn off!

Til next time...pray for safety of all troops!

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  1. At the risk of being sneered at (you may be grumpy when you have a cold) I WILL suggest the neti pot. I hate water up my nose when swimming too, but the neti pot doesnt feel like that; the water doesnt go that far up the nose to have that nasty burning feeling. honest, I swear,,,, no nasty feelings, just great clearing of the stuffed nose. It is icky to look at tho, so dont peek in the mirror while u do it. hahaha. try it try it try it :o)


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