Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am at a loss for words

For a title I mean...I've always got lots and LOTS of words!! Just ask Howie!! Or my parents!!! :D

Today wasn't anything out of the ordinary! More laundry to do...more dishes to do....more meals to make....more, more, more! But these humdrum days are good for the soul too!

DJ was out of the house before 10:30...and having FUN!!! He was nekkid after breakfast when he heard a knock at the was hard to keep him upstairs out of the way in case it was somebody we didn't know knocking! Turns out it was Kristopher and DJ was jumping for joy and running to his room to get clothes!!! Fastest dresser in the west today!! I think we're finally at the point too where the only thing I have to help him with now is zippers on pants...he does it all by himself! AWESOME!!!!!! And even tho she really has no clue, she just wants to be like him and tries to dress herself too!

Samantha enjoyed her brother free time...and helped me unpack my Avon boxes and mete them out into individual orders! Ok...she tried! She thought it was fun...and once I sprayed some grapefruit body spray on her she went and danced in the living room enjoying the smell of herself!

Lunch had an that Kristopher joined us and the boys ate outside! Sam wasn't too happy with me when she had to eat inside, but was placated by the mac-n-cheese she had for lunch! The boys took off after they were done and that left me and Sam for her to take a nap! Little bit of fussing before I left the room...but once I closed the door she cried for all of 5 seconds.

During nap time I enjoyed the quiet!!! And then decided to work out on the treadmill instead of taking a nap!! Glad I did too! I totally enjoyed watching the boys out the window while listening to the iPod and walking nowhere! Once I was done, Sam was just barely awake! Perfect timing! As soon as she got up she started saying her version of the word sounds like Nlay....totally odd! But we know what she's saying. So I got her dressed up to go out just as Howie was coming in! He soon joined us and got right to working on the boat! He's taking it out tomorrow with DJ for opening day of trout fishing. I'm not sure who's more excited!!! Honestly!

Once the kids were in bed I coloured my hair and took a shower...both of which were much needed! lol Samantha was being an absolute pill during bed time that I just closed the door on here! Oh she hated that!!! But when I came out from my shower she was silent!! So, about 15 minutes of crying instead of over an hour...done!!! No more door open for her!! Sheesh!

Now, I'm all caught up on my DVR and painted my toes and fingers...I'm ready for summer! Ok, that's pushing it...I'm at least ready to deliver Avon tomorrow!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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