Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I really hate when

I plan a day and DJ ruins it with his stubbornness!!!!! He definitely gets that from his Poppa!!!! My dad is the most stubborn person I know!!! I got it from him too! :)

Today I was hoping to reconnect with the Mommy & Me play group...its been 3 weeks!!! The activity for today was to go to Flower World in Snohomish...which is funny as a friend was just telling me about this place last week!! So when I saw it on the calendar for today I was all over it!!

DJ slept til we all did! Kinda nice!!!! So I got started on breakfast as quick as possible....and told DJ what I wanted to do today, and he was excited. But....his strawberries were cold not room temp....and his banana bread was bread....not a "cupcake" (muffin) and he didn't like all this change!! I kept reminding him that he needed to finish eating and needed to be dressed by 10!! Yeah, didn't happen! It wasn't til 10:30 he got done! Over an hour!!!! That's just insane!!! THEN he wanted lunch at 11:30!! huh??

Once Sam was down for her nap (I'm following Howie's style for getting her to go to her room!) and once she was asleep DJ and I hung was raining (AGAIN!) and we saw neither hide nor hair of Kristopher! I really wanted a nap...but it didn't happen!! DJ kept telling me to go work out on the treadmill...(Who's paying this kid?!?!?!) and I had stuff to do make the sketti sauce, put dishes away, do laundry....that kind of stuff!

Plus, I brought out the Mickey Mouse chore chart thing I've had for a while....DJ was SOOOO excited to get check marks for doing stuff! I have to say he was even more willing to do stuff, like put his toys away and feed the dog, knowing there's a pay off! There's 16 things he could get a check mark for....and some of them are not we're thinking of paying a nickel for every check mark and then he can understand what earning money is about and I get all the toys picked up every day!!!! Not a bad trade off eh??

Before dinner, once Howie was home, I went and worked out...which DJ was happy to come enforce me!!! Speaking of the treadmill, Miss Samantha got her foot smooshed somehow on it this morning. She got the last two toes on her right blood, but there's some awful bruising there! She's not complaining about it when she can't see it...but the moment she sees it she's all "ow, ow, ow" She's so visual sometimes!

After dinner I bathed both kids and got them ready for bed! We did the divide and conquer method....Howie took DJ and I took SamSam...worked out perfectly and we had both kids in bed in 10 minutes! Perfect!!! Howie kept working on the iTunes thing...we're muddling thru it! I watched tv with a cat on my lap! Thanks to my friend Joanne, she alerted me to the cast of Glee on I recorded it and watched AI....WOW!!!! Thanks to some ignorant people on twitter, I already knew who was voted off, then saved....but still to see Big Mike in the bottom three was just wrong! Does this mean that 2 go home next week??? I forget how the save works!

Now, I'm done blogging and going to bed! There's another thing at the library we'll see how the morning goes.....OY!

Til next time...pray for safety for all the troops!


  1. Gads, Missy, do you know - yes you DO know - how hard it is for me not to post stuff about AI as they are happening? I restrain just for YOU!! Damn those twitterers. Poor Mike, I felt so bad for him, hes such a sweet guy. Very surprised to see him lose instead of Andrew. And yes, 2 do have to go home next week. It better be Andrew & Tim!!!!

  2. I had better be Andrew and Tim!!! They're far overdue to be GONE!!!!!

    As for Mike...I'm not quite sure he was worth saving...we'll see how it works out...


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