Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All's FINALLY quiet at our house!

Last nite was not a stand alone nite as Samantha struggled tonite too! But last nite didn't just stop at 11:15....she woke up at 4...Howie was on the couch sleeping due to his sinus crap and he heard he...went in rocked her put her in bed...she cried again...rocked her and put her in bed...HAD to start getting ready for work so he left her door open (she now requests this!) and came in our room to get ready...leaving our door open! I hear her...I have to pee....so thinking her door is closed I go out in the hall...she sees me!! I pee and the grab her to bring her into our room. It then took her a good hour to REALLY and truly fall back to sleep. She'd reach out for my face every few minutes, say my name, I'd answer (after being shocked awake by her) and she'd sigh and pretend to sleep....

Next thing I know, DJ's awake and its 7:15! Guess who wakes up at 7:19....uh huh...SamSam! They both went out to the living room to watch tv....its been a L O N G day today!! If it wasn't for the cat nap on the couch this aft, I'd probably be standing up sleeping somewhere right now!

She did hit her "wall" early, which was fine as we'd had an early lunch...and she went to sleep just fine for nap. I'm starting to think she doesn't like her night light...so tomorrow we won't have it on. Tonite we did the cry it out method and she cried for an hour before she finally conked! Literally an hour and a half later she woke up screaming! Since the boys were sleeping I went in to calm her. Rocked her and shut off her night light. Left the door open 2 inches per her request and came back out to the living room. I tip toed down the hall about 15 mins later to close the door, and Snickers was laying just inside her door...quietly called her out and went to shut the door...NOOOOOOOO she screamed! I told her to close her eyes and go to sleep...and I left the door open 2 inches again. Only this time I took Snickers with me! 15 mins later I went to close it and not a peep! YES!!!!!

Not so fast...she called out an hour later...again! Only this time I didn't go in and she cried once and has since been sleeping! All her shenanigans woke DJ up tho...he said he was thirsty tho...so I made pee before filling the tank again!

Now, everyone's quiet and I'm SO very thankful!! It wasn't pleasant to watch DWTS with a screaming child in the background...but we managed!! I really liked tonite as it looked fun!! Hard, but fun!!! Niecy cracked me up!!! Or rather Bruno's exuberance afterwards!! LOL
I really, really, REALLY hope Kate goes home...she's such a downer and CAN'T dance!!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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