Monday, April 12, 2010

I think I'm more

Stuffed up than a teddy bear!! This head cold is truly getting the best of me!!

I woke up at 5:35 rather suddenly as my mouth was so beyond dry!!! AND I had water on my night table too! I think tho, the cats had more of it than I did! While drinking the water it dawned on me that I left both doors in the child lock once I got done in the bathroom (HAD to pee!) I called Howie to see if he was on his way home or not...he was so I quickly ran out to unlock the child lock part. Little did I know (we kept gettin cut off) he was not far from home!! Whew!

In fact he was so close to home, I hadn't fallen back to sleep yet!

About what felt like 5 minutes later, but it was an hour later, DJ came in! I was just too tired to chase him back to his own bed I let him crawl in with me on my side....y'know, just to make it more miserable for myself! Won't make that mistake again! DJ got up just before 7:30 and headed out to the living room to watch tv...which didn't last long as he heard SamSam and went into her room to torture her as she's still "trapped" in her crib and at his mercy...which got me up out of bed so as to not wake Howie up!

After breakfast we were relaxing and keeping quiet when DJ saw Kristopher outside....he VERY quickly got himself dressed to go out! I can't thank Kristopher enough for being outside! The noise factor went down exponentially!! And of course SamSam loves playing by herself!

Howie got up about noon thirty and we did lunch! Once Samantha was napping DJ went back outside, I got busy with more laundry and Howie busied himself on the computer. Kinda nice!

Dinner was yummy!! I love Howie's bbq burgers!! And I finally tried mine with lettuce instead of a bun last week and thoroughly enjoyed it again this week! Gotta cut those calories somehow! I didn't get a workout in today...or the past two days...the violent sneezing and constant nose blowing are draining enough! Sometimes I even have to sit just to stop the spinning!

Now, I'm watching DWTS and enjoying it!! Jake Pavelka got all my votes again! He's doing VERY well for a commoner! There's also been quite a few moments of hilarity too! Still too early for me to call a winner...

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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