Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm sad to report

That I really am sick!! Not just a stuffed up nose either!!! The sneezing has joined me...big powerful know the kind....that if I was pregnant I'd be peeing myself (Thank you Lord there isn't another for me!) and then Howie would be laughing at me!! Whew!

Last nite was beyond miserable!!!! After enjoying such a great movie I went and got ready for bed....climbed in and immediately climbed out!!!! All I could smell was cat pee....then I looked down and it was all over the sheets too!! BLECH!!! I put on a nightshirt (yes I know what that means!) and came out to sleep on the couch...which was NOT fun!!! First of all, the glow of the monitor was brutal!!! So I shut it off. Then the light under the microwave was on, so I turned it down to low. The light from a neighbour in back of us has a "street light" and it was glaring right in my eyes as I was laying closed the blinds. The light from the cable box displaying the time was I put something over it. It was 3 by the time I got settled....and waited for sleep to claim me. At some point I woke up in pain so I rolled over...which meant my good ear was exposed...and the cats were scratching to get into our room!!

Next thing I know, Howie's waking me up asking why I'm on the couch. I give him the abbreviated version and he sent me to sleep with DJ in our bed on his side.

Funny story....About 4:30 DJ came into our room wanting to sleep with us. He's too smart for his own good and went to Howie's side this time, who NEVER walks him back to his own bed just hauls him over his body and puts him between us. So DJ gets in place and asks:

"Dad, where's Mum?"

What do you mean? She's not there??"

"No dad!"

"Well maybe she fell asleep in the living room watching tv...or maybe she's in the bathroom....Now go back to sleep"

"Ok Dad" I crawl into bed on his side and all I can smell is the ammonia...A half hour of laying there trying to breathe and I realize that DJ's bed is empty...grab my pillow and head to his's now 6:30!

DJ came in to find me at 8:15....lovely!!! Then about 8:30 he comes back in and says Sam's awake and screaming...sure enough, she is! I get her out of bed and crawl back into DJ's bed. One by one they come join me to "read" a book to me....I finally got up just before nine as Howie was on his way home from fishing.

Then I had Avon to deliver....which I got to do kidless this time! Kinda nice!!! I got home at 5:30 and was greeted well by the kids!!! Howie then took off to get his fishing license for the year....which if you didn't know, Fred Meyer sells them!

I fed the kids, and waited for Howie...who said for me to eat without him...good thing too, as I was starving!!!

Once the kids were in bed we watched our free movie for the month and I want my money back! We chose "The Invention of Lying"...which had a great cast...but just kinda blah in story line! *sigh* oh well! It WAS free!!! Howie went to bed an hour into it!!!

Then I watched High School Musical 3...yes, I'm a geek!!! I love those kinds of musical movies!! And they're clean cut movies too! Now, I'm blogging after putting DJ back in bed after a potty break and then hitting the hay for some solid sleep!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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