Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Top 3 Reasons To Keep An OLD Phone Book

#1 To piss your mother is after all since I was 16!!!!

#2 To piss your hubby off as its been in a tote for the last 10 years!!

#3 To find it again and go thru it and then find them on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!

I've had SO much fun going thru this address book and 3 yearbooks finding people! So much in fact, that my butt is numb!!!! We'll see in the coming days if they remember

This morning after getting 7+ hours of glorious sleep I got woken up by Howie opening the door and saying "You getting up??" Why is that men don't understand how to nicely wake someone? Gently shaking them, or even just touching her shoulder and gently saying, "Honey, it's time to get up!" HA! Not my brute! Although if he's reading this, I hope it takes it to heart! Nothing like a rude awakening...from sleep!

Once up I got myself ready for the most part and had breakfast...the kids were just finishing and Howie didn't want anything. After I was done drinking my shake, I got DJ and SamSam dressed...DJ and I had a date!! Lowes has these Builder Workshops for kids every two weeks...and today's was making a See It Grow Flower Box! Just a small 4 inch wide one...but still, he got to hammer the nails in and see the finished product! How kool is that!?!?! We were done in about 20 minutes it was that easy! He got a Lowes apron, and a completion badge and then we went and picked out a flower for him to plant in it! AWESOME!! He was so proud of it!!!

After we got done there we skipped over to Freddy's to get chocolate milk as we're "off" on our shopping schedule and their milk sale specials! I also got a movie...Did You Hear About The Morgans? I'll let ya know how it is...gonna watch it after I blog!

We had one last stop at the post office and then headed home! Just in time for lunch really! Since Howie was home for lunch, but not for dinner (at work tonite) we did BBQ burgers and dogs! Yummmmm in the middle of the day!!!

Howie left around 1:30. SamSam went down for her nap at 2 and then DJ and I hung out til he got a knock on the door from Kristopher! He bounded outta the house like a cannon!! Happy to be outside and happy to be playing with K!

About 3:30 Samantha woke up as she'd done an extra big we got her changed and cleaned up and re-dressed after I took the sheets off. She saw DJ outside, but it was raining a bit...soon enough he, Kristopher and Caleb came over to play which point Sam was VERY happy!! While they were down there, I decided to keep an eye on the kids and dig for papers...go thru files and files of papers..hence the address book! :)

About 5:30 the boys' older sister Michaela came to get them and took DJ too while I made supper...perfect!!! Easier to make dinner with only one kid bugging at you for a sippy cup!! Once the pizza was cooked I called over and asked for DJ to be sent home...and the 3 of us enjoyed the Hawaiian pizza!!

Once the kids were in bed, I went searching on much fun!!! I can't find more than half of the peeps I want to, but I think I found at least 10 if not more! The girls...I sure wish I could remember their maiden names......*sigh*

Now, I'm off to watch the movie I mentioned earlier....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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