Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Far Too Emotional Today

I'm SO beyond done with this day!! As I type, I'm doing this on my Blackberry...I REALLY want to throw my pc out the window!! All freaking day I've been cursing it, nay, for about a couple months I've been cussing at it...quite the sight to see I'm and an inanimate object going at it eyeball to screen....guess who's winning!?!? Not me! I've been in tears twice today because of this stupid piece of machinery!!!! Its only 3 years old...which isn't much, but in the pc world, its a dinosaur!!

What was I trying to do?? Make a digital (FREE) scrapbook....and I want to warn NOT use Piacboo!! Their free software is just awful!!! AND whenever I've had to shut down (or been shut down) it LOSES EVERYTHING!! I kid you not!! Not only that, it took me DAYS to find all my Kodak folders with the real pix in them intead of the ones from cell phone...which are crappy quality compared to my camera!!

I've spent probably 13 hours working on this today alone...which in reality was 3 hours of actual working each page and 10 hours of waiting for pages to load, or waiting for the stupid program to stop being stuck on the move buttons...OR waiting for the program to stop "Not Repsond"ing. That I think was most horrid!!
All this wouldn't have bothered me so much if I didn't have a deadline of midnite....URGH!!!
I did send in a scathing feedback...written while in tears!!

My "time o'the month" has been extra hormonal for me this time....I cried rocking SamSam before her nap and she reached up and put her arm around my neck and patted me! She totally felt all my tension...poor girl!

I can't thank my amazing neighbour enough today for taking my son in and sparing his life...all the while totally unknowing of my mood...thank you Lara...he had fun!

Then to top it all fave girl on AI got voted off!! I was very bummed about this development!! I REALLY thought Tim was a goner!! I guess he's got the "Vote For The Worst" voters...sad really!! I'd never buy his albums!!

The only "bright side to this day that made me chuckle...our cats like banana bread!! Stupid me left it on the table which Jasper can actually climb up on and he helped himself! Generously too, I might add!

Now, I'm going to go wallow in some Ugly Betty before hading to bed! I only just discovered this show this year what with its scheduling change...and its really funny!! Too bad I'm catching its last seaon before going off the air!!

Til next time...ciao!

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