Monday, February 1, 2010

I highly doubt

My little diva will ever be on that show....the one that designs clothes...Project Runway (I had to look it up, as I don't watch it...) where they have a sense of fashion....

My beautiful darling could model the clothes....oh shoot what show is that? America's Next Top Model...again, don't watch that one either!

But design them or better yet, put pieces of clothing together to make an ensemble....she can not do!!

I offer exhibit A:

She has started showing stubborn insistence on what she wants to wear...and today she came out of her room with this I tried suggesting a pair of leggings to go with them and she took each pair out of my hands and put them back in the drawer and slammed it shut! 3 times!!!

I grabbed the baby legs she hasn't yet had a chance to wear yet, and she grabbed them out of my hand and hugged approval finally.

The grey sweatshirt was my choice since we were obviously having a stay at home day with what she's chosen to wear!

Isn't she priceless?!?!?! She'll hate this picture in years to come!

The noses are starting to dry up...the coughing is starting to lessen...and now I'm getting a sore throat and been sneezing all day....lovely! I thought I'd skipped this round!! I won't count myself out just yet...but I know I'm not 100%! yuck!

I did serious laundry today!! 4 washed loads...3 dried...and 2 folded so far...gotta get back on it so at least the load in the washer is dried! Oh, and the two folded loads are put away even!! I still have 2 more to go, and might find a 3rd what with sheets and what not! I even got a load of dishes done...and should have another to do (pots and pans) before I go to bed.

My mind is consumed with thoughts of my friend Tiffany...she's due this Friday and I just can't wait to get the okay to go snuggled a newborn!!! There's nothing like the smell of a new baby!!! For guys it's a new car smell...for women its the smell of a new baby!! *easy labour vibes* babe!!! Hope it goes as smoothly as you want it to!!! Know I'm prayin for ya!!

Now, I'm off to do that laundry switch before sittin and veggin! The Bachelor is currently recording and this way I can skip all the commercials! Speaking of commercials...has anyone else seen the advertising for Avon's new lipstick!!?!? I've caught it a couple times! YAY!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I especially love the one-shoe look. Thats going to be seen at the Oscars this year, I'm sure. hehehe


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