Friday, February 5, 2010

The road to

Normalcy is starting to straighten out!!! Howie, who didn't sleep in our bed starting to feel better!! So much so, that he's going fishing tomorrow....hmmm seems fishy to me! Just kidding honey! He sounds MUCH better....and looks WAY better!!! Plus, he's not popping medicine today like he has been the last couple days!

The kids are on the mend too! Hardly had any noses to wipe...mostly after tears were shed...and barely any coughing....altho DJ insisted I put the Mentholatum on his chest at bed time!

I'm still doing good....nothing came of my ickies the other I'm quite happy about that!

Snickers on the other hand....has met a foe....we're not sure what kind of foe...or where, as she's the wandering type....but she's got a few scratches by her right eye and a nice scrape on her nose...Howie thinks maybe a raccoon was teaching her a lesson. Well, lesson learned...she's not been begging to go outside much today and when she does, she comes right back! Granted, we were gone for a couple hours this morning and then again after nap time.

Today was grocery day! And man, was Costco CRAZY!!!!! You know how they normally do samples spread out around the store where the product is located....not today....they had about 8 or 10 six foot tables all lined up in a row sampling just about everything!!! I couldn't even tell you all they were sampling! Most of it was for Superbowl parties (I assume) as it was easy, mostly frozen, or snacky things! The kids had a hey day!! They thought it was great!! Well, except for that spicy meatball...DJ didn't much care for it! It sure was tasty tho! lol

With all the sampling, we ended up taking A LOT longer than normal for our costco run! Plus, we spent more of the Auntie's money from Christmas...each of them got 2 new books, one that makes sound, and one that doesn't...and Sam got 3 outfits to grow into, they were only 3.00 a piece!! I can NOT pass up a bargain like that....EVER!!!! 3.00 for a two piece outfit...velour pants and a top....especially when I paid 6.00 for the exact same outfit a month ago! So, now she has one in 2, 3, 4 and 5T! One for every year! :D I didn't want her whole wardrobe for one season to all be velour...that'd be kinda tacky!!! But one a year is perfect! And no two are alike in colour or pattern!

After Sam got up from her nap, we went back into town to get the shopping done at Freddy's...we needed dinner (pizza nite) and beer (Howie would pout if I didn't get it!) and all the other things on our list! Now, it's 10 miles from our house to Freddy's and before we were even down the mountain, DJ was asleep!!! So he got a 10 minute cat nap! I couldn't believe he fell asleep!! Its not like he had an energetic afternoon...he was grounded from going outside for not listening to me...I'm getting sick of repeating consequences suck....for both of us! We had MANY discussions about WHY he was grounded...he didn't like it! But about a half hour after it all went down....he was sitting there quietly and said "I'm sorry about my attitude Mum...I've changed it now" and if he'd let it go at that instead of including "Can I go out to play now?" I might have reneged on my punishment...but he needed to learn! I'd rather he learn now at this age than in 10 years! The rest of the afternoon it was "Yes Mum" as soon as I said something...I like that much better!!! You can call me a hard ass mom, but I want my kids to listen to me!! I listened to my didn't cross them! And if you heard the phrase "Wait til your father gets home" you knew you were done for! I haven't had to graduate to that yet. I hope I don't! DJ already knows who the boss is! He thinks its funny when I ask him who the boss is....but he doesn't realize that I'm setting the stage for when he's older and tries to challenge our authority. Sam too is getting these lessons as she's watching DJ go thru it all first! Hopefully she'll be smart about it!

So after reading ALL their new books before bed, they both settled moderately well...DJ came out for the Mentholatum and Sam called me into her room twice....I think she's playing games now...but at least she settles back quickly and quietly!

Howie came home before they were both asleep, so he got to tuck DJ in and snuggle Sam a bit! Then he ate dinner and we watched TV together....kinda nice! Got all caught up on Human Target! We're finding it more and more comical! It's great!

Now, I'm off to watch Psych...they moved it to Tuesday nites from Fridays...but I still watch it on Friday! Great comedy too!

Til next time...ciao!

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