Sunday, February 21, 2010

Adjusting my halo...

Oh my....I'm adjusting my halo as my cornonation is happening...YAY!!!!!! I finally get to be Queen For The Week!!! Thank you to any/all who sent Elizabeth over at Confessions From A Working Mom an email to nominate me! What shall I do with this new found power!?!?! *rubs hands*

Confessions from a Working Mom

But seriously I'm honoured to wear the crown! For those of you who may be popping in because of Elizabeth, welcome! We'll be doing a giveaway, so stick around!

I'm mom to 2.5 children! The .5 is my stepson, Jacob, who's 16 and driving. The other two are DJ (3) and Samantha (2 next month) as well one dog and two cats! My husband and I will be married 7 years on the 3rd of March...and together 9 years this summer! I couldn't have picked a better man! I'm also an Avon representative! I've been doing it now for almost 6 months and enjoy the heck out of it! I like getting to see my girlfriends on a regular basis! And meeting and making new friends because of Avon! You're more than welcome to shop my online store any time! There's a button on my sidebar that'll take you right to it!

What you'll find on my blog....lots of gibberish as I muddle thru the laundry to raise two kids! There's tears, laughter, runny noses and LOTS of kisses!!!

Now, for that giveaway I mentioned-- as you just read, I am an Avon representative. I'm going to give away two copies of this amazing keepsake journal. I will be giving away one copy to MY readers; Elizabeth will be giving away the other to HERS. But guess what? You can enter on BOTH of our blogs (although you will not be able to win both copies), doubling your chances of a big win!

Rules For My Giveaway:
-Leave a comment on ,my blog (ONE entry)
-Leave a comment on Elizabeth's blog (ONE entry)
-Follow my blog (TWO entries)
-Add my blog button to your page (TWO entries)
-Add my blog to the blog roll on your page (ONE entry)


  1. Is it cheating for me to enter your giveaway, when I have it's "twin" going on over at my blog? LOL! I hope not... I'm just going to enter ONCE to keep it fair!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. Congratulations on your coronation from the prior week's Queen :-) Love the book!

  3. Congrats! So nice to "meet" another queen!

  4. Congrat on the new tile Missy Regina (Queen Missy for you common folk) You forgot cousin in your 'labels'

  5. This contest is now closed!! Thanks!


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