Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New baby-itis!

I have new baby-itis upon hearing of the birth of my friend Tiffany's little girl Kiri! Oh, I just LOVE that name!! According to Baby Names it means Mountain. She's already showing the "stubborn like a mountain" part of her name...she was 18 days late!!

Moms out there...can you possibly imagine being pregnant an EXTRA 18 days!??!?! No and thank you! Tiffany sure was a trooper tho!!! I can't wait to hear about Kiri's birth!!

Today was another stay-home-go-nowhere day! I'm loving it compared to last week!!! Doesn't stop DJ from saying "Mum, we got a lot to do today!" when he wakes up...even tho we really don't! I conquered Mt Laundry on Sunday, so we're all enjoying the benefit of clean clothes once again! I think I may tackle the bed sheets tomorrow!

It didn't start raining here til late afternoon, so DJ was able to go outside and play for a couple hours! Sure does help get him to sleep quicker!!!

Samantha wore herself out by dancing, flipping over, running, giggling...you name it! She was all over the house today! She's such a happy baby when she gets proper sleep!! I love the happy baby! I guess I can't call her a baby for too much longer...she's FAST approaching 2 and its quite scary really! Hence the new baby-itis! Thank heavens tho I can't have anymore! I'm really more than okay with the two (and Jake) that we have!!! MORE than okay!

Tonite was also the start of the real American Idol...we're done with all the awful auditions...and the Hollywood rounds...now, on to finding the real talent!

I have to say....the women weren't that exciting!! There were two or three that stood out to me...Didi and Katie...numbers 09 and 12! I know nerves are a big part of it, and some of the girls were downright visibly nervous...but its song choice! Ugh! They need coaching with that...not just vocals!

And to be brutally honest...I'm not digging Ellen Degeneres as a judge...I don't feel like she's got the music history/background to be a judge...just my .02!

Now,I'm gonna go back to my chair...unravel a small scarf I made so I can use the yarn to finish up the cat blanket I'm 7/8 done....thought I had more of that colour...and I don't!! I'm pacing myself til Saturday when I get to go visit a dear old friend...Joann! Its been AGES since I've stepped foot in one! *sigh*

Til next time...ciao!

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