Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its now 11:44 and

I'm still in shock that DJ did not come into our room til after 7!! Sam was crying, and it woke him I went in to her, gave her a hug and wiped her nose, and put her back in bed! We all didn't get up til 8:30! Heaven!! Pure heaven!!!

And our day only got better!! After breakfast was done, they got dressed, and played rather well together while I did some stuff on the computer...made and received a couple calls....very smooth morning! About 10:30ish I decided to run into town and do some errands....check on my Avon ballot box (got 5 names for brochures, and 2 others just for the drawing!!!)...and pick up stuff for dinner...and more cold remedies for my poor stuffed up, runny nosed husband!! (Yes, I realize that's an oxymoron, but that's exactly what he's got going on!) He was up most of the nite as every time he'd lay down his nose would simultaneously plug and he slept on the couch which has a pretty good incline!

As I was shopping for Theraflu and a nasal inhaler...he was on his way home from work! He was in bed when we got home and the kids didn't even notice the car...DJ noticed the hockey stick Howie brought home and left leaning against the garage door, but didn't notice that "Hey, daddy's home!!" find that funny!! In fact, it wasn't til after lunch and DJ was being loud that I told him that he needed to be quiet as Daddy was sleeping.

We had someone come out to look at the removal of 3 trees on our property (I still get a kick outta saying "our property"!!) as one is where Howie wants the is just miserable to look at and the roots are all exposed making it a danger...and one is a cherry tree that's been allowed to live too long (didn't know they had an expiration date!) and will just wreak havoc with dropping cherries...and bees! All told, they want about a thousand dollars to fell them and chip the branches and take them away...we'd get the firewood to sell...we don't need it, we're on propane! So...that might have to wait til we have a spare thou sitting around....NEVER!!!! lol

After they left, I wanted to run out to meet a prospective new customer, one of the names from my drawing, and with Sam sleeping it was perfect timing!!! DJ was all set to go with me til Kristopher came he stayed home and played! I was back before Sam woke up, but Howie was up! Not for long...the light was making his eyes he went and laid down til dinner. Ate dinner, helped with the bed time routine after I bathed them, and then went back to bed. Oh I feel bad for feeling healthy!! But we can't have ALL of us sick, now can we!?!?!?! The kids are doing good...and don't mind the Mentholatum on their chests now...and even drank the Tylenol cold stuff! Sam too!! I think that's why DJ slept so well last nite....I guess we'll see how tomorrow works out!

Now, I'm off to knit...I'm making a cat blanket...I tried the reversible knitting and it didn't quite work out for me...I'm more of a hands on learner, so I need someone to teach me as I'm doing it to understand it! Hopefully I run into that other mom from the Dec pot luck! I haven't seen her at any other meet ups, but that could be because her hubby just got back from Iraq...that'd keep any woman busy!

Til next time...ciao!

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