Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little bit backwards today

I woke up feeling backwards! Ever have that happen? All out of sorts! DJ had me awake just about 4:40, but not to pee....he wanted to sleep with me....and he was quite fortunate in that Daddy was just getting up, so he got his warm spot! We were both back to sleep before Howie was done his shower! Til 7:30 when DJ woke up for good! (thank you Disney for your captivating channel!) Sam and I got up shortly after I dozed back to sleep for a bit as DJ came back in the room twice.

Samantha has this thing the past two mornings...she gets out of her pj's almost immediately! She's become quite proficient at taking them off! So, she eats breakfast nekkid as I'm not going to put clean clothes on her so she (read I) can slop cereal on herself! With the promise of a play date, breakfast went smoothly!

I tried to have DJ use his new car seat this morning, but it wasn't til I got the box open that I realized it was a little more complicated than I thought it would be. So we left it in the house for when I had more time to deal with it...and off we went!

We were going to Lake Stevens to visit a friend who has two daughters both a little older than my two. Kody gave me directions that seemed backwards to me...but in all reality were quite simple! I got a little flustered when I had a cop driving behind me and made a wrong turn which in turn got him off my tail. Whew! I get nervous when they're right behind me like that!

The play date went well! DJ's not sure what to do with two extra girls!!! I thought it was funny to watch him! Samantha made herself right at home in the play, she's gonna love Christmas this year....just saying.

Just before 2 I got directions to the nearest McD's....which again, seemed like backwards directions, but they weren't! I was very disoriented being somewhere I've never been before! Instead of McD's I chose Burger King...had some coupons that worked out great! We ate, and within minutes of leaving SamSam was sound asleep! DJ soon followed and I got to listen to the radio!!!

We got home and Samantha immediately woke up (the brat!) and I had to bribe DJ helped that Kristopher came out as soon as he saw us pull in....and DJ jumped at the chance to play outside! Sam and I came in and got the car seat set up. I'm glad I didn't try to do it this morning after all as it took me a good half hour to figure it all out! I then took it out and put it in the truck! We gave our old one to the neighbours for their youngest as we won't need it! And I got a good visit in with Lara! Samantha had a blast playing with the big kids instead of just watching them from the window! She was the one who threw the tantrum when it was 5:30 and time to come inside to get dinner ready! Half hour naps will do that to ya!

Once dinner was done it was bath time and then bed time for everyone but me! I got to work on the grocery list as tomorrow is yet another busy day! I need a vacation! A real one! Hey, I know...some serious snow would house bound me...I could live with that!! :)

Til next time...ciao!

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