Monday, February 22, 2010

Did you see it!?!?!

I did!!! Right in the middle of the Bachelor: Women Tell All!!! Thank goodness I have DVR and eagle eyes...I spotted the word Anew and just knew...rewound the show and sure enough...there it was!!!

A commercial for the new Anew Reversalist eye system!!!! LinkYasmin Le Bon is the face of the newest product made exclusively by Avon and if I hadn't just read her bio...I'd've NEVER guessed she was 8 years older than me!!! Pffffft! I'd would have said early 30's! Gorgeous!

In any case, I'm all excited!!!

Also, as a small my early 20's I was a Vaseline Intensive Care girl....I used it faithfully EVERY single nite....but since giving birth to my kids, I've struggled to find a good face cream. I think pregnancy did a number on my hormones and the way my skin reacts to things. And truth be told, I haven't really used much on my face since Samantha was almost 2 years. Doesn't mean I didn't try to find the "right" cream that my face would like...I tried 'em! Well, last week at my district meeting I was given a sample of Anew Rejuvenate...typically for women who are showing early signs of aging...which if I dissect myself in the mirror, I am! When did this happen!?!!? Anyways, I got trial sizes of the day cream (which has SPF 25 in it) and a trial size of the night cream (more like a gel) and then samples of the day and night eye creams.

I started using it that nite! So, I've now been using it for 5 days and I am truly AMAZED at how happy my pores are!! My face feels SOOOO incredibly smooth! Much like SamSam's baby face feels! I love her skin! I even had Howie feel my face tonite to show him how great it feels now, and he agreed! And like my district manager said...what you do to your face now will reflect in 10 take care of it now if you wanna be lookin good at 47! And I do!! I'll have teenagers then (God help me!) and I don't want to look like I'm hitting 50!

Ok, I'm off my soap box now! lol

Today was a good day!! Beautiful sunshine!!!! DJ woke up once (well twice) in the night...once to pee and once to just get tucked in again...brat! He was up shortly before 7:30 and headed out to the couch to watch TV. Sam and I got up about 8:30 and got the day going!!

DJ was slightly fevered around the hair line, but other than that, no other signs of sickness! After breakfast I bathed them, which they both enjoyed doing the naked dance (Sam can now say naked!) and then getting to play in the bath.

Once I got Sam down for her nap, DJ was chilling on the couch watching Up (again!!) and noticed Kristopher outside playing and BEGGED me to let him go outside and play. Since we'd had no other puke episodes, and no fever, I let him go. And he LOVED being out in the sunshine!! Good thing too as I hear we're in for some rain the next few days.

I grabbed a cat nap on the couch, still trying to recover from Saturday nite! Let's hope tonite will bounce me right back! Whew!

I've got my Avon orders ready to go in in the morning, and other than that, not much else to report!

I am REALLY tired of NBC's Olympic coverage...and getting nothing live...and I do mean NOTHING!!! I don't like knowing who won what medals before I've even seen it! And by the same token, won't avoid social media because of that! They are just now showing the pairs skating and it's 11:43pm! Ridiculous! Who has this kind of time to devote to watching!?!?!?

Since I already know the outcome, I'm DVR'ing it and gonna go watch Amazing Race from last nite! And then hit the sack!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I have to defend NBC because I work for an affiliate-- everything is a ratings game... and since the west coast is closer to Vancouver than we are, they are going to get more events in their "prime time" hours. It stinks, though. I was in bed long before the top 4 teams took to the ice last night.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. rating game or not, the fact that the USA-Canada game wasn't on live was a travesty. It was a BIG game and many people who wanted to watch didn't have the chance. What good is a hockey game when you know the outcome? pffft And that's in the EST. The Canadian channels had it on live in all the time zones.

  3. I think I'm more pissed that CTV got the contract and CBC lost it...CBC had THE best coverage of all time!! And we got that channel...we don't get therefore we get nothing live. Well, the hockey games on MSNBC of all things....


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