Sunday, February 14, 2010

If all the rain drops

Were lemon drops and gum drops...Oh what a rain that would be!!!

Today, we had rain that reminded me of home!! What a downpour!!! It started off slowly as I drove into town this afternoon to make some deliveries, and while I was in the salon, it rained even harder, then hailed, then stopped, then rained torrentially!! When I got done with the salon, I ran to the car and then drove across the parking lot to the dollar store to get each of the kids a Valentine balloon. When I got done there, I stood under the eaves waiting for the rain to lessen so I could get to the car...that felt like a long time!!! Even the drive home, I had the wipers on full speed!!! That usually doesn't happen around here!!

Imagine if all those rain drops were snowflakes....HA! We'd be snowed in!!!! Good thing we're 10 degrees too warm for the white stuff!

Happy Valentine's day by the way!! I'm not sure my Canadian cards got there in time...I know my parents and sister's did...I sent them ages ago! But didn't hear from them about the card...hmmmm! I know this is one of their more busy times with fudge...being that it's a chocolate holiday!

This morning I got the gift of sleeping in!! I didn't out of bed for real til 10! What a treat! The kids were fed and Samantha changed, so it was all good! I made Howie and I breakfast and got Jake a bowl of cereal. As I'm cleaning up the dishes there's a knock at the door! We were not expecting anyone, but my FIL and his girlfriend Ellen were outside! I quickly ran to the bathroom to put my contacts in and brush my hair! (totally something my neighbour would do! :P Sorry Lara, I couldn't resist!) We had an enjoyable visit! Jake took off just around noon as he had plans with his girlfriend. Shortly thereafter dad and Ellen left too!

We did lunch, and then I got Sam down for her nap. I did my deliveries, came home and Howie got to play out in the garage with all his fishing gear! lol

My planned Valentine dinner got kinda messed up....timing wise that is! I should have put the ham in the oven before I left instead of waiting to do it when I got back. It needs 3 hours in the oven, which would have put it done at 7....way too late! I was bummed! So, we did pork chops instead. Delish!

After dinner I bathed the kids and took a shower myself...we've got big plans tomorrow! and we can't be stinky!! lol Now everyone's asleep and I'm watching crappy coverage of the Olympics. NBC is doing a terrible job!!!!! Just horrid!! I miss CBC covering them! They were far more impartial to all athletes...NBC is quite partial to US Olympians. In any case, we did get to see Canada win their first gold medal on Canadian soil...which if you're watching the Olympics at all, you know it's a big deal! The sad thing is, I knew about the win 3 hours before I got to see it! Thanks for that NBC!

Til next time...ciao!

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