Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

YAY!!!!!!!!! It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

Altho, I'm not sure why I'm so excited...its just another day to a

But, it is also Fun Fact Friday!!!!

Or rather, quirky fact...yeah, let's go with quirky today!!!

I can NOT watch someone brush their teeth (even just thinking about it gets me!) without cringing and wanting to crawl out of my skin! Kinda like the finger nails on a chalkboard kind of thing. Commericals for toothpaste undo me! I can't watch them! They make my teeth hurt!

In fact, I typically close my eyes when I brush mine....and don't seem to have a problem brushing the kids' teeth...I think it's because I'm in control of the brush for them...I won't even let Sam play with hers...she just wants to chew on it and that drives me!

So, what's your nails on the chalkboard peeve?

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I cant stand the sound of someone creasing a piece of paper with their fingernail. Its like glass in my teeth. I have been told I am exceptionally sensitive to noise, & I believe its true. I HATE surround sound, it freaks me out because its so loud with the noises coming from all round me. I cant even stand the sound of the exhaust fan in the shower. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lol

  2. Mine is noises, too. Repetitive, rhythmic noises (pens clicking, people tapping nails or items on a desk) I can't think about what else is going on, it distracts me too much, I've silences many a clicking pen or tapping finger in my time.
    And the UW channel where they show medical procedures being done, I can WATCH them do surgeries, cutting people open, replacing knees, hips, etc, or the shows where they do face lifts, boob jobs, etc.. I'm all cool WATCHING them (even the blood, no problem), but to HEAR the surgery noises makes me want to hurl. Saws, drills, skin cutting open - no bueno. Yucky.


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