Friday, February 26, 2010

Is there such a thing as

Mom Olympics??!?!

If not, there sure should be!!!! Man!

DJ had us awake (to join us in bed...right in the middle!) about 4:30....I think....we'd had a power outage and the clock was flashing I stopped the flashing and rolled over and went back to sleep. DJ woke up at 7:30 and joined Howie out in the living room....I got to doze for another hour. So I was up and at 'em at 8:30!! Washed my face, put on some make up, curled my hair....whew!

You see, this morning we had to be somewhere for 10! And it was a half hour drive to get there...I wanted to be in the truck for 9:15, but that was not realistic! I still had to make Howie breakfast, and myself too...oh and dress the kids! We were, however, in the truck for 9:30! So not too far off target!!

We went to a Cyndi Soup the Noah Thumbnail old church turned into a children's theater. They were late getting the show started at which point the kids were getting quite antsy...and climbing all over the stage. Not just my kids thankfully! Samantha's terrible twos kicked into high gear and she would NOT listen to me at all!! Quite annoying!

They both enjoyed the puppet/singing show! And both got to be up on stage a couple different times and enjoyed that too!!

See...doesn't she look like she's having fun?? She tried to engage the other little girl in dancing with her...the second time she got up to dance the little girl she picked to dance with wasn't as was funny!

After the performance we went to Burger King with some of the other moms for an early lunch/play time in their kid area. DJ was all over that! Samantha, not so much! For a girl who LOVES to hang upside down...she did not like climbing to the top without figuring out what she was doing. Of course, I was off getting lunch at this point, so when I got back with the food, she was in a state of panic!! I had to climb up in the structure to get her down...she kept yelling "Stuck" which comes out "Stuhhhh" I chuckle now...I did then was cute!

Once done there we headed back to Monroe and stopped at Fred Meyer for some marinara sauce for dinner...Wyndi and Izzy were coming over and that's what I was supposed to have on hand! It was then a mad dash to get home without Sam falling asleep on me...she made to the driveway...whew! Got her down for a nap, and tidied up a bit before Wyndi showed up.

Kristopher came over soon after Izzy got here, which was perfect! I'd bumped into Lara at Freddy's and told her to send him over whenever she wanted to! The 4 of them play well together! Which gives me time to visit with Wyndi and work on Avon, which arrived sometime after Wyndi and Izzy arrived, and before Kristopher came over...small window! Got all my orders bagged up and ready to go for delivery tomorrow!

Dinner was FABULOUS!!!! Wyndi has been raving about these chicken/spinach/garlic meatballs for a while now, but I've never seen them at she brought them with and we had sketti noodles with the marinara sauce and these meatballs...they were DELICIOUS!!!! The kids all gobbled it up!! Izzy even had seconds!!! SO good!! Even Howie thoroughly enjoyed his when he got home! I kept the package so I could know exactly what I'll be looking for next costco trip!

The kids kept on playing after dinner, but all 3 of them were very tired!!!! They started getting clumsy and one by one they each had some sort of "injury"....which meant it was pajama time!! As soon as Wyndi and Izzy left we read books and the kids went to bed. DJ was out like a light before Howie got home...Sam was still she got some Daddy kisses and went to bed.

Howie's watching the dvr'd hockey game (I truly am a good wife!) while I blog...and then I'm sure he's going to bed and the TV will be mine!!!! Last nite I ended up watching Akeelah and the Bee....what a GREAT movie!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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