Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My kids really do like each other

I promise!!!!!

And today, we got proof of that!

Picture this....they're fighting over a book (a Lightning McQueen one to be exact) and the screaming coming from SamSam is deafening! I go over, take the book from both of them and hand it to Sam as I know she had it first.

Literally, 30 seconds after this exchange....they're sitting together in the chair and DJ is "reading" it to SamSam.

Awwwwwwww! I know, right? Totally! I even managed to get pictures of them chatting while holding the book. Too cute!!!!

Moments like these are few and far between! But when they happen, I cherish them! I got to witness DJ being the protective brother I know he can be the other day...I just love that side of him!! When he's looking out FOR her and not looking to knock her down! Fine line!!

This morning we went to the library for story time...and to return our books we've had for more than a month now...and get new ones of course!! Story time was good! Samantha is now officially in the "I can't hear you" stage!! She's also getting to be disruptive when everyone else is listening to the story...thankfully I know she'll grow out of this as DJ has...and he was sitting nicely listening and interacting with the storyteller. Craft time was making butterflies and gluing them on Popsicle sticks....they didn't last long as Sam was more interested in the Popsicle stick than the craft itself when we got home. She ruined both of them and started using the sticks as a "spoon" for imaginary food.

While she was napping DJ tried to go over to the neighbours with no success...and it was a bit chilly he came home bother me! lol In fact, I'd been laying on the couch while he was sitting with me watching TV...and all of a sudden he's pulling single hairs on my head. I must have dozed off as it scared the crap outta me!!! Poor kid...I scared him cuz he scared me! lol

Once Howie came home the TV was was on! And Team Canada was playing! I have to say, watching Howie watch hockey was entertaining...he's quite vocal and vibrant whenever Canada scored...7 times to be exact...and all the other attempts that were deflected. Are the Olympics over yet?!?!?

American Idol was guy's nite...not that impressed with the "talent" this year has to offer...I sure hope everyone's first time nerves are gone and we can start to hear real singing!!!! Otherwise its gonna be a looooong season!!

I finished the cat blanket thingy last I have to sew the two sides up and just wasn't feeling up to it tonite...I've been cold all day!!! I love that the cats will sit on my lap and warm me up a bit!

Now, I'm gonna go catch up on some Lost...possibly...I'm debating just dvr'ing the whole season and watching it in a marathon so as to not be overly confused with questions....which hardly seems possible!!

Til next time...ciao!

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