Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not one diaper

Did I change today!!!! I can't even tell you the last time that ever happened!?!?!!?

Samantha was ALL about Daddy today!!! Daddy could do no wrong!!! Mummy on the other hand...she could live without!

Which, for today at least, was okay! I had MANY Avon deliveries to make today, and kidless is how I prefer to do that!

DJ was not having a good Daddy day....he wanted a Mummy we did the old standard...Divide and Conquer! SamSam stayed with Daddy and DJ helped me "Do Avoning"

He wasn't much help in the beginning as he fell asleep on the way to Lynnwood...perfectly fine with me! Especially considering he was up at 6:48 this morning and stayed up! Not me, I went back to bed! Howie even suggested that since I had such a busy day, I might want to get a jump start on it...NOT! I managed to sleep til 8:30 and then got up at 9...I love just lazing in bed! The cats do too!!

Getting myself ready this morning was simple...I had a plan!! You see, Avon has this new mascara coming out in the next campaign and I've got a "preview" of it...and have been using it...and thoroughly amazed!! And I wanted to amaze my clients, I only put mascara eye! That's right....I have one visible eye and one invisible non-make-upped eye! What a HUGE difference!! Everyone was stunned by how well it works! Thank goodness I could hide behind my sunglasses otherwise! lol

DJ and I took off this morning at the same time as Howie and SamSam...they were going fishing shopping...but they were going to be home A LOT sooner than us! Like I said, I had many deliveries today! This is a GOOD thing!! Thankfully one of my clients let us eat our Wendy's lunch in her living room while talking shop...Thanks Joan! And Michelle!

Once all the deliveries were done, we went to Joann's and I had a mini fabulous time!! I couldn't get totally lost in it all as I had DJ with me and had to constantly watch his roving hands! He earned the name Freddy Fast Fingers at an early age! He's that quick! I was also trying to teach him to STICKCLOSETOME when we're out in public like that...twice he "lost" me and started calling out for me...with me watching from behind a display or something...he didn't do what he was really supposed to do, which is find someone with a name tag and tell them his name. I didn't have the heart to let it go that far and he always managed to find me anyways. One of these days...

I picked up some yarn today....oh it felt SOOOOOOO good to buy some new stuff! And I just love Bernat Satin! I had to resist the urge to buy more as I was couponless....and if you know me, you know that's HUGE!! I was at the bottom of the mountain when I realized I'd forgotten them...*sigh*

After Joann's we went to Albertsons to pick up an Rx for me...thankfully it was there on repeat! Oh, and DJ and I had to get gas this afternoon, which I got at Fred Meyer, so while we were there we had a donut date...he liked that!

We had one more stop before we could head my friend Jackie's place...she had a Tupperware party last nite and I wanted to get my $$ to her for my order! And to pick up the party gift! Which was a sweet 1 cup container that has a vent for in the micro! Its ready to be washed in the next load!

Finally we got back into Monroe and just as we're passing the fairgrounds Howie called...wanting to know where we I told him and that we had two more stops to of which was to get a movie for me tonite....he told me Kristopher was over and waiting for DJ to come play...and in the meantime, playing with SamSam! How cute is that?!?!?! Love it! So, we skipped my two stops and headed home. DJ was VERY excited to get in the door and kick his shoes off and strip his jacket off and get downstairs!

This also meant, I got to visit with Howie for a bit without having kids interrupt!! He showed me his bounty and I showed him mine! :) Then we got down to the making of dinner! Which Kristopher joined us for! And then all 3 of them went back downstairs! I grabbed a shower while Howie watched some Olympic hockey...and then it was pajama time...which meant Kristopher had to go home! Sent him on his way and got the kids in bed.

Once everyone was settled and Howie went to bed, I started watching a Harry Potter movie I hadn't seen before....and KNIT!!!!!! I started a 4T sweater for Miss, I'd LOVE to have it done before her birthday, but I think it might take me a little longer than far, the 4 inches I got done tonite, look wonderful!!!! I can't wait to show the finished product!!

Now, I'm hittin the hay! Got my new magazine in the mail today, and I'm off to read!

Til next time...ciao!!

P.S....the giveaway is closed, I'll be doing the drawing tomorrow and announcing the winner!!

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  1. I love Bernat Satin too. I am busy making more of those little lambs out of it, or I was until the game got too stressful to concentrate lol


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