Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mr Postman

You have GREAT timing!!!!!!!! And you made my kids incredibly happy!!!

This morning we went to story time...colds be damned!! And I'm glad we did...even tho no one I knew was there, the kids had fun! Even if we were 10 minutes late....oy! Today was for the 3-5 year olds so a little more geared to crafts...and the theme today was dogs...which both my kids love! Sam brought me 5 books off the table that were all about dogs...DJ, he sat very nicely and listened!! I'm so encouraged by that!

The craft was making door hangers...with a picture of a dog on the front, and then you glue letters to the hanger that spelled DOG...DJ had fun using a glue stick for the first time in his life....I chuckled every time he got glue on his fingers...he'd spread eagle his fingers and hold it up in the air for me to clean...hahaha Samantha did well too...she just coloured away...she was the last one at the table still was cute!

As we were coming up the stairs to the front door a red car pulled into our I didn't recognize...and I couldn't see the driver....and when he got out on the passenger side it dawned on me...and he had a box for us. I checked the return and sure enough it was the kids' pillow pets!! YAY!!!!

Once all the coats were hung up and shoes put away I opened the box and let them go to was cute to watch DJ figure it out!!! The look of disbelief on his face was priceless!!! I told him before I opened the box that it came from his Aunt JoJo and his Aunt Kim....which he understood. But when Daddy came home "Look what the mailman brought me!!!" Kids!

Both of them were VERY pleased with the choices I made!!! And immediately pretended to sleep like they do on the commercial...and O M G are they SOFT!!!! So amazingly soft!!!!! They are NOT machine washable like the commercial states...but surface washable and then you can pop it in the dryer...duh!!! DJ's is named Blue Boy (this was the 3rd name I'd thrown out there for him) and Sam's is named Softy! She calls is "lillow" tho....maybe one day. DJ ran to his room with his dolphin and grabbed his Lightning McQueen pillow and handed it to me...I'm shocked he got replaced so easily!! LOL Of course, when I went to tuck him in after putting Sam to bed, he wasn't even on it!! He had done a 180 in the bed...

This afternoon, after yet another miserable nite, I chose to nap on the couch with DJ...who had NO inkling of I didn't get to either!!! 20 minutes would have done me just fine! So I got up and started working on my messy kitchen when there was a knock at the door!!! ACK!! My neighbour and 2 of her adorable sons had come by! I tried desperately to keep her from seeing my kitchen, but that didn't work out so well! LOL Sorry Lara! It looks good We had a good visit for just under an hour while all the kids played...well, not Sam...she hung out with us! She's been miserable the last couple days...totally diva and drama!!! This morning she was helping a lady check her million books (I'm not kidding) while DJ was helping me check out our 6...and then when I tried to get her to leave, she threw herself on the floor kicking and screaming...did I mention we're IN THE LIBRARY!!!??!!?!?! I laughed tho...picked her up and brought her into the room where story time was...and where our coats are....and we left.

She's now had her earrings taken out because she's getting into the habit of yanking the one in her left ear out on purpose...Howie caught her putting it in the socket (ground part) in DJ's we'll keep them out for a couple weeks and try again! Rascal!

She also got sent to her room twice for disobedience....she cried the whole way down the hall and then just threw herself on the floor was pitiful and funny!! She'll learn tho! One way or another, she'll learn! I'm thinking of getting those wall decals you can make your own of...that say "Honour your mother and father and it shall go well for you"....put it up in both kids they'll constantly read it and get it ingrained in their brains!!! I can just see my mom reading this to my dad and my dad nodding in agreement!!!

Now, I'm off...and hoping Howie starts getting better...he caught the cold the kids had after dealing with a sinus infection!! Poor guy! He's miserable and not sleeping well...bad combo!! Still thinking and praying for my g/f Tiffany as she's due in 2 days! But that's just a date....we all know how babies operate!! And girls to boot!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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