Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have not conquered

Mt Laundry...I lost my momentum and only got one load done....I suppose I could go start the last load and let it sit til tomorrow morning and I'll pop it in the dryer...yeah, that might work...

This morning I had the most horrid nightmare I've ever had in a while!!! Howie and I were renewing our vows on a beach (really!?) and behind our minister was a chain link fence (really!??!) that separated us from the water. Next thing I see is my dad trying to teach DJ how to swim (and my dad HATES water!!) and as I'm watching DJ struggle and yelling at my dad...he drowned right in front of me!

You bet your ass I woke up!!! Might have even screamed in my sleep! Thankfully DJ was already snoring away on Daddy's pillows, so I didn't have to go far to settle my heart back down to normal sinus rhythm! Whew!!

And then the cat wants in the room...seriously, if anyone is looking for a cat, please let me know! She's such a little diva cat! Princess is the start of her name...little did I know what I was getting into when I named her! Geez!!

As soon as breakfast was over my back, or rather my upper shoulders, started spasming pretty bad! So I sat in my chair and refused the little people my lap...which felt like every 2 minutes! It took about an hour and a half before I could move my arms without pain...and allow the minions to sit on my lap...one at the time tho...which unfortunately became the game...*eyes roll*

After lunch DJ was BEGGING to go outside...the sun was just starting to shine...he's been cooped up for quite a few days now...and I thought it would be good for him to run some of the energy off. Sadly, his "neighvor" wasn't home...he did stay out there for 20 minutes or so before coming back in. I got Sam down for her nap and gave DJ a snack...about 3 he asked to go on the computer, so I let him have a turn while I cleaned up the dishes and got the dishwasher going. All of a sudden the door bell rang....it was Kristopher asking if DJ could come out to play...like he needed to ask! Ringing the door bell was asking enough! DJ was giggling! We got him all decked out and off he went!! I totally enjoyed my five minutes of total peace and quiet....before I remembered stuff I wanted to do kidless...so I got to it!

I had to wake Sam up from her nap...which is not fun to do! I left her door open for a few minutes so some normal sound might wake her up...no such luck. So I went in there and took a picture of her...nope! It took Jasper poking his paw in her crib (not even touching her) and she woke up! At least she woke up happy!!

Got her settled with a snack and Howie came home! So we had some time just the 3 of us...she loves that! Before ya know it, its time to think about what to make for dinner! yikes!

After dinner I bathed the kids...I have to admit, I was a little worried about bathing Sam first...but she did good! Whew! While I was drying her off we have a snuggle time...which basically means, she's so wrapped up in the towel that she can't move...and I snuggle her! :D Well, it dawned on me that I haven't worked on her ABC's with her near as much as I have with DJ at that age...so we did the whole alphabet and she did awesome!!!!! Some of the letters she knows well thanks to the games DJ plays, and some she struggled with, but for her first time, she did awesome!! She can already count 1 2 3 but most times just repeats 1 and 2 since she usually obeys before I hit 3...lol Her words are coming clearer now...and she loves the shapes/colour books...I'm just happy she loves books!!

Now, I'm off to watch something from the DVR which got a work out tonite....Lost started back up...and even tho I missed ALL of last season...I did get to watch it online, but it was crappy and stopped all the time...I will be watching the final season! This is a series that I'd like to just sit and marathon watch it...no commercials...no writers strike...no interruptions!! Maybe one day...

Til next time...ciao!

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