Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pizza Pizza!!

This morning when DJ woke up I told him what we were doing today....he usually says "We have a lot to do today Mum!" and bounds out of bed...so today I beat him at his own game! He was SO excited for what we had planned!

The Mommy & Me group had a planned activity to go to the local Alfy's pizza and have a tour before it opened. We all met there at 10 and got started. We had such a large group they divided us in two groups. The fun part for DJ was being with Kristopher...again! lol Our neighbours joined us on the tour. While Samantha probably got nothing out of the trip...DJ was able to tell Daddy how to make a pizza! It was cute listening to him tell the story.

I have to say...I was VERY impressed with the set up and how they involved the kids, and listened to any questions that were asked. For 2.50 each kid got a personal cheese pizza and a small pop....not bad at all!

Now, since we're a late rising family, we had breakfast a 9 am...the tour started at 10 am...and the "lunch" was served at 11 am...which both kids ate! Yikes! They were NOT hungry come real lunch time...so instead we cleaned! Well, I nagged and DJ whined....but we got it done!

I wanted the vacuuming done today as we were having company for dinner!! And she's highly allergic to dogs (just found out!) and so I wanted it cleaner than normal Tuesdays :)

So, who joined us?

Our dear friend Shirah! The one who used to babysit the kids while Howie and I went to Jake's football games...the one I used to see once a week!!! Until we moved out to the boonies that is! I will say tho, she's come out the most of all my friends!

She came bearing gifts! YUMMY, delicious, ohsochocolatey gifts!!! Mini bundt cakes that were amazing! 2 cookies for the kids and a rocky road brownie! As well as some homemade pumpkin muffins with a streusel top...I can't wait to have one! They smell amazing! She even brought me what I consider THE BEST Chai tea I've ever had!!! It was divine!!! And local!! So I can get it anytime I want!! Yes!!!

I finally cooked the ham that was destined for Valentines, and lost out on timing...it was good, but not nearly as good as the one I cooked last month. No one complained tho, so we're all good! And with plenty of left overs, we'll be happy for a while! I forgot to ask my mom (but kwowing she reads this daily I'll ask here...) if I can freeze the ham bone for when she's here to make a soup...can I ??

Now, I'm off to bed as we have yet another busy day tomorrow! Whew this week is jam packed!

Til next time...ciao!

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