Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally...a day where there

Should be no drama!!!!! The only thing on my agenda today was laundry!! And lots of it!!! In fact, I've washed 4 loads, dried 4 loads, folded 5 loads and there's still one in the dryer....either I have a small dryer, or we have too may clothes!!! lol I'm inclined to agree on both counts! Oh, and I've put away 5 loads!! With one sitting by my chair waiting for distribution. Never ending!

The drama of the day!?!?

Jake lost his cell phone yesterday at school. Put it in his locker (which doesn't lock by the way...) to go work out after school...when he was done, the phone was missing. We suspended it yesterday so no one could make or receive calls....but that left him phone-less.

Imagine if you will...being 16....and cell phone-less!! Its his main source of communication with his will he ever survive?? HA!

Needless to say, I started getting the frantic calls this afternoon when he got home from school. Had I called Verizon yet (no, cuz I sorta forgot, but I'll get right on that!) and found out how much of an upgrade he can get? At the time he called I was visiting with my neighbour who dropped by to indulge in that dessert I raved about yesterday...and I kept on visiting and kinda half-assed checked into it....and Howie came home. Right at the same time Jake called me back to see if I'd learned anything...which I hadn'

Lara and Caleb left and Howie and I got down to business. Turns out either Howie or I HAD to be with him in order for him to do anything....but we're 45 mins away! And, Jake was planning on coming out tomorrow for the weekend anyways, so why not just wait one more nite (THE HORROR!!!) to get his phone. The other problem with that plan was that he'd have to pay in cash for the phone if we did it at Verizon...he wanted to get it at Best Buy where he could use the gift cards he got for Christmas that he hung on thinking! So we called Best Buy to see what their policy was in regards to us HAVING to be there....they had a wonderful solution...add him (Jake) as an account manager and he could go on his own! SWEET! Crisis averted! Moody teenager happy! World keeps turning!

Now, he's the proud new owner of a Droid...the phone I desperately want, but am waiting patiently til August when my contract comes up for renewal to get...the brat! Which means he HAS to have the data plan with this phone...that he's paying for! PLUS the insurance for the phone in case something happens to it...and let's face it, the kid has been thru phones like I've been thru loads of laundry!!! I've had 3 phones in the course of my cell phone life....he's had 6! If not more! Yeah, insurance is a good thing!

Once everything was settled we got down to doing dinner and I bathed the kids! Oh, and I'm pleased to say that Snickers is responding VERY well to her medicines! She eats them like no other animal I've ever had to medicate! It helps, of course, that I'm sneaking them into pieces of cheese, or hot dog...but she eats it and looks for more! Her nose is no longer bleeding...or bothering her...she's well on her way to healing up! She's also sticking closer to home...I caught her today in the back neighbour's yard, but she came right home. I hope she sticks close like that! She does drink a lot more water, a side affect of the steroids...and pees less...poor girl! No woman likes water retention! But over all...she's fabulous! Our new vets are pretty awesome too! They sent a get well card for Snickers and a 10.00 gift card to a local pet store...that's pretty kool!

Now, I'm off to finish watchin Survivor...this will probably be the most ruthless season yet!! Heroes vs Villains!! Not sure yet who my money's I'd bet! I'm too cheap for that!! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I really miss watching survivor, AI, amazing race etc with you. Couldnt you move back to EST?? I am lonesome!!!!


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