Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Dat!?!?

If you watched the Superbowl yesterday, you know exactly what that means....if you don' it! The abbreviated version is: The Saints won!!!

I'll be the first to admit....I don't watch the game to watch the game....I watch it for the commercials! THE best commercials air during the Superbowl as it is the highest viewed game!! And women all over the world watch it for the commercials!! There was even a commercial for a car where the men are all stating what they're giving up by being in a relationship...and I was sitting there nodding while Howie had this dumbfounded look on his face....oh that was good!

My fave tho were all the Doritos ads....oh they had us laughing out loud!!!! Genius!!

This morning we took the kids to church, their first time, as the last time we went was when I was pregnant with DJ!! It was a special service put on by Dr. Hoyle who founded Bible & Science Ministries in Tacoma. He made some pretty accurate statements in relation to Creation and Science and how history is trying to rewrite itself excluding God! It was very thought provoking! The kids had a blast in the nursery and I thought I heard Sam squeal once, but Howie said it wasn't It was at our neighbours invitation that we went, so the kids at least had friends in there to play with! Absolutely no separation anxiety at all!

We had minor discussion on the way home....and I advocated for me to homeschool the kids....and the end result was that we're in agreement to put the kids in private Christian school...which there is one in Monroe. YAY!!!! Guess I won't be having that bus route fight after all! lol

We then had discussion during dinner about it all and agreed that we both found it enlightening! And that we'd like to go back and hear the pastor speak....get a feel for the church in its reality!

The rest of the day was easy! DJ and I ran the movie back (Which I had company watching last nite! I invited Lara over and she came!! She'll tell you she talked thru the whole movie, but she didn't! She cried a which I enjoyed! It wasn't at all what I was expecting! And I found myself thinking on it a couple times today! I recommend it!1

Dinner was the lasagna I made last month that I froze...and I tried making caramel corn at the same time....bad idea!!! For one, the caramel corn needs the oven to be at 250* and the lasagna needs 350* I thought if I put the lasagna on the bottom rack and the popcorn on the top it should work out well...HA! It didn't! the popcorn was burnt in less than 15 minutes! And the whole thing was ruined! I still haven't cleaned the roaster out....blah! To top it all off, the lasagna was cold in one spot for Howie...tell me, how on earth it could be in the oven for TWO hours and still be cold!?!?!?! The rest was hot....bizarre!! So for dessert, we had ice cream...can't screw that up!!! LOL

Now, I'm off to watch LOST...I watched the recap show and got very confused! This is what happens when you miss an entire season because your parents didn't have cable!!! Now, I'm gonna watch the 2 hour premiere! One of these days I'd like to rent them season by season and just watch them all in a row! Maybe, just maybe, it'd all make sense then!?!?

Til next time...ciao!

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