Sunday, January 31, 2010

Never a dull moment

At our house!!! Seriously!! Just when I think I'll be able to post about a boring day where we just spent time with each other....BOOM!!!!

I've been a mom now for almost 44 months now...but even before DJ was born I knew of the bath tub perils! I have mom friends!! So, about 4 years now, I've been dreading this moment!

Today Howie got up early and went fishing with a friend, and I had the kids to do our normal morning routine...I guess it was about 10:30 when Howie got home, ate something and went and took a nap. So, really, our normal routine! Both the kids are still suffering, tho not as bad, with their colds...and still running clear! nothing outdoor for them. DJ's just chomping at the bit tho! He keeps telling us he's not sick, while yeah....poor guy! They did have fun playing downstairs tho!

Howie scared the crap outta me when he woke up before he wanted me to wake him and came out to the dining room while we were doing lunch! Normally Snickers gives warning if he's coming down the hall, but not today! She was too busy waiting for Sam to drop some food! He announced we should go to the Swap Meet we've been threatening to check out since we moved up here. While I was getting my contacts in he got the kids shod and jacketed and in the truck and off we went!

It's nothing to write home I won't! Think indoor garage sale...but all the garages (about 30) are right next to each other....yeah...

So, on our way home, we took a right instead of a left just to explore the town....didn't see much and Howie got completely turned around...good thing we have the compass on our truck! Got back down to Hwy 2 and took a left on a different road to see where it went...we know it connects in a roundabout way to a road we need, but he just kept on going!

Howie had an agenda...I had no clue! lol We ended up at Lake Rossiger about 40 miles from the main highway!!!! Oh it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Apparently we have acquaintances who have a summer home up there...hmmmmm, maybe we need to renew that friendship!! There's also a very small state park up there with an even smaller beach, but definitely somewhere to go on a hot day to cool off! We never did find the boat launch tho...which is what Howie was looking for! We did find some incredible homes!!! Oh, there was one that was worthy of celebrity status!! I should have taken the camera....but I didn't know we'd be doing this lazy Sunday afternoon drive!

We got home about 3:30 and Samantha was a bear!!! She'd only gotten a 45 minute nap in the truck, which is about half of what she normally takes!! And most days it's a 2 hour nap! Lovely! There was no calming her apparently...but DJ tamed the beast, and before we knew they were giggling in her room playing with her doll accessories....climbing in the doll play pen....rocking in the doll cradle...that sort of play!

Dinner was FABULOUS!!!! I made the beer can chicken again...oh its YUMMY! I finally figured out how to season it too...over the sink!! I know, it doesn't sound ingenious, but it was like a light bulb went off for me!! I also did the roasted yams we love! with a side of corn! mmm mmm mmmmmm!

So, after dinner we did bath time...DJ asked to go first (I think he figured out that if you go first you get to play longer...) and while I was drying him off I got Sam nekkid and put her in the bath. I then went back to task getting DJ lotioned up and pajamaed...when I catch the sight of Sam's butt out the corner of my eye and its got poop on it...huh? She didn't have a poopy diaper....OH CRAP!!!!! HONEY!!?!?!?! Can you come here!??!?!!

Yeah, she pooped a big one in the tub!!!

Now, I've been told that warm water helps babies (which she's not really anymore) release the bowels...but its never happened to me!!

Howie comes in and takes charge of the situation...I get DJ dressed, Sam dried off and all of us out of the bathroom....and my wonderful husband dealt with the shit! Literally!! *shudders*

I can handle puke...but not poop that's not contained!

I get Sam bathed and both of them in bed and Howie and I relax watching the Grammy's! I have to know...when did the Grammy's become more about lighting and shock value and not about vocals and music!?!? Ay yi yi!

Now, I'm off to finish watching them, and then watch DH and B&S...thankyouDVRinventor!!

Til next time...ciao!

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