Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am whupped!!!

Today has taken it all out of me!!

It was an Avon day! A long one that also included Princess going with me! Making it feel even longer!

The Avon part wasn't so bad...getting to see my gals and chatting is fun! But the in and out with an almost two year old who's yelling "hand, hand" at me cuz she doesn't want to be carried is exhausting!!

She did good tho! Until we hit the threshold that was supposed to be nap time...then she went south on me! This, sadly, happened in Target! We were there to exchange her CD player from Christmas as the lid on it wouldn't stay closed and play music...and I detoured and checked out shoes...which she wanted...and screamed at the top of her lungs bad! Sorry to the folks in Target for her loud display of disdain!

She did good in Babies R Us...we got DJ a new car seat! They have this amazing deal on right now that if you take in an old car seat/stroller/play yard/high chair/and a couple other things, they'll give you 25% off a new one...valid only that day! So, I took in an old pack n play and got DJ a new Graco Nautilus that converts to a booster seat when I'm ready for him to! YES! I do wish, however, that someone would have told me about the extra 15% off I could have gotten with a flyer that we don't get in the mail anymore...that would have been sweeter! I'm a little miffed on losing out on that one!

She also did moderately well, but started falling apart a bit on me in Best Buy. I was there to try and get myself the Droid...and I can't. *sigh* Well, I could, but I'd have to go to Verizon to get it, and I'd have to pay more up front before getting the rebate...and if I wait til April I could get it for 100.00 less (ka-ching!) than what Jake I'm thinking I'll wait! April's not that far away! Now, the downfall to this plan is: the upgrade allowed in April is technically for my, if he wants a new phone, he'll get the upgrade then! There's nothing wrong with my Blackberry, it's just paling in comparison to the Droid...*sigh* lol

Like I said, she lost it in we got the heck outta there! She fell asleep holding the balloon that the guy in Best Buy gave her...she giggled madly about that! It was cute!

So, she got a 45 minute nap in the car on the way back to Monroe....I had to stop at Freddy's to get hot dogs (which I completely forgot!) and other things. She did NOT like me waking her up! She fake cried the entire time we were in there!

With it being so late, we stopped and got Teriyaki for dinner....we've now tried all 3 places in Monroe and have decided place number 2 wins in taste!! Go figure, they're the more expensive one too! Oh, and the furthest!

After dinner, Jake wore the kids out...DJ had gotten a rather late nap himself! This afternoon, Howie took both boys to the Reptile Zoo...DJ was bored pretty quickly into it (even tho he went on and on about going there and everything he saw) which is good as there will be NO amphibious creatures joining our home! I'm done with the snake thing!! *shudder*

Once the kids were sleeping (Samantha instantly!) we watched a movie on On Demand...Couples Retreat. It was good! I really like Vince Vaughn! We laughed at it and cringed at other parts! But overall, it was good!

Now, I'm gonna go relax a bit more before heading to bed!

Til next time...ciao!

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